Yes, More Cellular Towers Please…

Cellular Phone Towers
City of Woodlands Township, better known as The Woodlands, Texas seems to want many more of these. This is the headline right here inside Community Impact Newspaper.
This is the newspapers slogan.
Community Impact
Local. Useful. Everyone Gets it.
“Woodlands Cell Service Needs a Boost.”
People dropping calls, dead spots of a few feet or so. It even says in one particular place people must go outside to use their extra appendage that we now call cell phones.
You can imagine the utter panic that must arise when a call is dropped. Or what would come about if someone might have to actually communicate with the person sitting directly in front of them for a few seconds because their service will not let them post a picture of themselves due to the split second disruption of reception.
Constant connection is vital.
I mean really now, this must be just mayhem to not be able to keep this microwave firmly pressed to our heads, at all times. Or in a death grip in our hands, or worse yet sitting in a nice shiny case planted right on top of our unsuspecting women of this worlds breasts.
Apparently this is a very serious matter and according to the first few paragraphs of the non thought provoking or inquisitive article not once is mentioned that they just might in fact, pose a danger.
Not Once.
John Powers, the Director of Community Services for The Woodlands Township says “Something’s got to be done and the cell phone companies know that.”
Yes how could we ever go on.
The Director of Community Service does not even pose a question about safety concerns or even make a remark about the issue. Does he even know? The Director of The Woodlands Community Service.
Not one comment by anyone in the entire article about safety concerns, all very well known by anyone paying even the least bit of attention to anything other than television and yahoo non news. Do any of the editors of this entire paper even know? Any of the parrots known as journalists? How about the Woodlands City Council members, not a word that we have found to the contrary. At least not in this so called news article.
What is mentioned is that a few homeowners are worried about the new towers being eyesores. How about being brain sores? Really, how about electromagnetic short wave radio frequencies in which we know zero about,  other than the fact that this energy heats food and actually changes the shape of organic material, like our brains. How about these radiation waves being continuously blasted at us. Getting ever closer in so that people can stay perniciously connected to this artificial reality no matter what the consequences might bring. Really, how about caring and speaking about that? 
Sheer Lunacy.
Everyone we now see holding their heads down looking at their feet. Bumping into people, walking out in front of cars, horrible automobile accidents leaving people dead or maimed.  All to learn or elevate society no doubt by posting comments on some of the most ridiculous things one can imagine, liking things, looking at pretty pictures, or talking nonsense to other village fools. This is an enormous circle perpetuating ignorance, ignorance of reality, not television reality. Please understand what this writer is proving. Not all obviously, but this is what is most noticed. People with zero regard for other people’s precious lives, fixated on this dunce box. Texting on these roads and even freeways, pathetic. Look around in our cars today, people salivating as they stare into the machine. Most of the time everyone in the entire car is consumed by this tracking device known as cell phones. Yes, something must be done alright. This robotic, zombie like behavior must continue and carry on. Serious business, 20,000 people texting lol, and cha’ doing, you see that football game? 
All very fascinating things.
Rows of ants, walking along, single file lines and missing their entire lives that is right in front of their Google spy grid glass covered eyes. Such a strange sight for anyone halfway conscious to witness.
My guess is, not many at all or anyone else in this article, in The Woodlands, or the rest of the world for that matter, has actually gone out and stood underneath one of these enormous, electromagnetic radiation frequency energy emitting weapons against all of our health and well beings.
Try it sometime, better on a country road where it is a little more quiet and peaceful. Take a minute, separate yourself from your phone and physically get out of your car and walk right up to the barricades that surround them and just be still. Be still if you are able, because not only will you hear the energy and power that these towers emit, but you will also feel it, right down to your core.
It has been well past the time to work on those around us and encourage them to think, think for themselves. Engage with others at a deeper level, and may we all understand and become more aware of what is taking place right in front of our very eyes and discuss it. If we do not speak about these things, who will? 
Not a soul in this “news” paper anyway.
“People who live near cell towers and antennas are in jeopardy,” Dr. Robin Bernhoft, president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.
The studies and conclusions are becoming legion. And the fact that some of these towers are now being hidden and disguised as trees, cactus, and even grain silos is very disturbing to say the least.
So yes the article is unfortunately local, but no, it was Not useful, and Everyone does not get it, even a little bit.
Although that would be the goal.
  Kyle R. Jessop,
  CPT, Holistic Living Educator, Research Journalist and Speaker

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