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Journalism Oversight

Although Journalism and Reporting of even factual news is on the rise in the true media, unfortunately so to are the amounts of errors noticed within the context.

 More often than not, even beginning with the very headlines or titles where the power of each written word is imperative to the way information is perceived; When this oversight is not fully understood by the reporter or authors, herein lies many problems.

   Just one example of the numerous errors would be the use of the term “new” when referring to the countless articles and or research in question. “New Research Shows Cancer Feeds off Sugar”; When in point of fact, even the particular studies and or articles stated containing the information for the Headline are much older, oftentimes even antiquated knowledge and correct schools of thought.


These mistakes will certainly mislead the reader into a false sense of security thinking they aligned with or are even ahead of the curve on the urgent issues being purported, when in reality, they are far behind, decades behind in many cases.

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We want to start out by saying Mike Adams of Natural News is an exceptional man and an absolute Champion for the cause. This is a highly intelligent great man, he has an incredible story and an even bigger heart. I ask that you to take the time and read some on what he is about and wanting to share with you and yours. Bringing forth the absolute best in the world with the people spoken of here. True leaders that are pivotal for paving the way for humanity and a vital force that is needed during these threatening times.

To the article,

Again, an excellent article and we give much respect to the writer and Natural News.

 Although “this” particular study might be new, the idea is not. We have been talking about this for around twenty years or more. Most all the Doctors and Educators writing’s and journals that I have studied for at least this long, say just this. Primarily fructose and processed sugar speeds cancer growth. It is the absolute worst because not only are cancer cells being supplied jet fuel, sugar also causes an unwanted insulin response. This is a very old school of thought. Anyone that knows anything about physical training and or bodybuilding knows this because the idea is to grow, to become larger at the cellular level. So we do things as athletes, we do them to actually trigger these responses that we understand cause muscle and tissue growth. So as always, knowing how the human body works and how it responds to any form of stimuli, especially through nutrition, should be of extreme importance.


 As we get deeper into the article, it reads.

 “What we’re beginning to learn is that insulin can cause adverse effects in various tissues, and a particular concern is cancer,” says Dr. Lewis Cantley, head of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) at Harvard University, as quoted during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes.


What we are beginning to learn?  If we have known for more than 25 years that insulin response causes cell growth, how could one just be “beginning to learn this”?

Especially Health Care Providers

This has to be a misspeak or an inaccurate quotation of this man. He is a doctor and the Head of a Medical Center at Harvard University. Either way, all we see is the passing around of non thought through repetitive misinformation, inaccurate quotations, and sometimes completely false representations of the truth, primarily by good people trying to help.

However they are not


Bodybuilders, intelligent nutritionists, biochemists, even people with a basic understanding of how the human body functions have all known this for as long as I can remember, and even before my time. The article is correct, sugar is the Enemy. I am not a doctor but if there is a best time to consume sugar for me it would be directly after, or during a physical training session. I would also be consuming a mineral rich salt with it, in purified or distilled water. 


If sugar is to be consumed, know that All sugar is NOT the same. There are far superior forms of unrefined, darker in color, mineral rich, and better tasting sweeteners than white, refined, devoid of all nutrients, table sugar. Or even the genetically modified corn syrups, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals that are now perceived to be sugar.

New Problems Entirely 


Again, great article Jonathan Benson. Although you and I understand that this is older information, others might not. If people think this is really “new” information they will think they are up to speed, when in fact they are far behind. The power of each word it is of vital importance, especially in titles or headlines.


As always correct and real information is not a given no matter who or where it comes from. I believe I know Mike well enough to know that he will agree with me. I would also venture to say that he did not read this article or due to the fact of how much he has grown lately, it was overlooked.

Keep up the excellent work everyone!

Stay Strong and Informed

 Kyle R. Jessop,

  CPT, Holistic Living Educator, Research Journalist and Speaker



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