Seek Sustenance

The human body is known to be made up of trillions of cells, performing a countless number of functions, all to the same end.. Growth.

Da Vinci


What is impossible, is for any cell, including the human body, to flourish or thrive when this action that is growth has ceased, or has been even obstructed. Opposing forces, positive and negative. Growth ceases when cells go on the defensive looking for raw materials to sustain life. More often than not the essential nutrients are not present or available due to numerous things, many of which being entirely avoidable depending on the Effort by the individual once the metabolic process that is life is appreciated.

The struggle has always been about survival, and it is most certainly not survival of the fittest as many will repeat. It is survival of the most versatile, being nimble and able to adapt to the existing and newest stressors that life brings, and to do so with the least amount of oxidative damage as possible.

Vibrance and Vitality must be labored and sacrificed for by informing ourselves about how the human body functions, and then applying the necessary actions that are required to help facilitate correct and efficient communication amongst the cells.


Everything from fresh clean water and staying completely hydrated, to being replete with wholesome clean sources of non modified energy sources whether through food or supplementation, to the genuine love in our hearts and the positive thoughts in our conscious and beings. As Pharmacist Benjamin Fuchs says, I quote in part, “If people only knew  what our cells do, this would be all they would be talking about.”

Imagine That

Cells Communicating

Times are, and have been changing, very rapidly I might add, complacency, and relying on others for correct and vital health information is lunacy. Vitalists have always known this, it is never to late, and the most ill or nutrient deficient among us in fact heal the quickest. This is what is noticed by those paying attention. The tissue, our cells, you and I, are starving for proper nutrients to live, for sustenance.

We must be replete with unadulterated nutrients to be of sound mind and body, not modified food like substances, phony artificial ingredients or abhorrent chemicals and pesticides.

Brain Glands

Crystal clear will become the clarity in which you see things with proper nutrition.  I encourage each of you deep in these words to examine the labels of the petroleum saturated boxes and packages of what you are ingesting.

Gas bags:chips

Image credit~

All the pretty colors.

When you are unable to pronounce something, this would be a good indicator that our bodies do not require it.

We are all deficient in something our bodies require to be in harmony and overall balance. Best to figure out what that is and put a mission together with other like minded people because it is not normal even in the least to be ill.  Whether it be right here or elsewhere, there are those whom know, and those who “google” information, which is utterly incorrect and exactly opposite in almost every instance.

Wonder why that would be?

Invest the time and effort and feel the metabolic process that is life.

May peace be with all of you suffering from any ailment and might you all discover some answers and improve your position in this life in doing so.

Give the body what it needs to grow and watch this truly miraculous machine go to work.

Start with Purified Water.


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  ~Thomas Edison



November 2013


211 South Persimmon

Tomball, Texas 77375





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