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Clean and Toxic Water CrystalsThese images are of magnified frozen water droplets from Dr. Emoto’s work who also wrote “Messages From Water and the Universe.” In case one really wants to fully comprehend the importance of clean water and much more. Even for those that feel like they know what the book is going to imply or even the ones that think they have heard it all before and understand, do not. Dr. Masaru Emoto also is one of Dr. Edward Group’s mentors with whom we will be interviewing for our documentary film being produced by Gym Jessop.

Masaru Emoto Book

 It is men and women like this that will be remembered and spoken of long after we are gone. Not the vapid world that has become hollywood. With all the impostors and shills for the minacious agenda we are being misled to due to the ignorance of reality.  Nor all the ridiculous Perceived by many “reality” teLIEvision “stars”, or the infantile overpaid athletes. Replete with all the phony rappers goading the occult system we are drowning in. The very ones who seem to have trouble completing a sentence, yet continue infecting our youth anyway. Not all, but a good lot of them. The ones that fully comprehend the consequences of their actions is the ones this is directed at.  Not any of these unconscious human beings will be remembered, as a matter of fact they cannot be forgotten fast enough for some of us. So since we do not hear about the importance of our water supply from these very important people, which by the way have the entire world as their platform and could affect so many, but most choose otherwise, we will touch on it here with anticipation that it resonates with even a few of our fellow men and women.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

-Hosea 4:6


Since we are all electrical beings and every single process in the human body needs clean water to conduct and send signals for our cells to communicate, would it not be then wise to know our water? For one to be fully aware of what our water is comprised of and how it needs to be filtered is a realization that too few will ever know unfortunately. To know that our water we drink, cook with, bathe in, and grow food with, is being polluted and forgotten about is very concerning to many. To know that our lakes, streams, oceans, and rivers are paramount to our survival as a species is almost to much to bare when the realization sets in of their current and furthering state of decay. When a true understanding of the need for clean water is discovered, a real, profound epiphany of the facts that without pristine water, we age faster, our cognitive function slows, and we lose our recuperative power and immune systems, and that Death at the cellular level occurs without it, then maybe more thought will be given. A full and complete comprehension of the way water works in the human body is absolutely critical before any concern will occur. Educate those around us, when one realizes this information please share it with those that do not. When one believes in it strong enough the conviction in which it is stated will be instilled in all those around us.  We are all in this together, share powerful knowledge so we can live healthy and strong.

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference”

-Rachel Carson

Though before correct attention can be given, one must be aware. To become aware one would need to be exposed to or led to uncovering this type of information. The most crucial type, the kind that elevates consciousness and awareness of things that matter. If those around you are just insipidly communicating as we see so much of, it has been well past time to lead them out of the dismal state they are being confined in. Kept in by those that do not want to be challenged, by those that believe they rule and are somehow empowered to grant the rest of us sustenance. Lead them to the power of their own minds and to the beauty of this life as consciousness grows.  Of course then even when equipped with this pressing information, one must also care.


 Ignorance is not bliss as many will repeat.  Ignorance is ignorance and synonymous with not knowing or illiteracy.  Bliss is bliss.  And the power of knowing is far greater than both.

Chaotic Water Structure

Contaminated and toxic water as pictured, will not even form a crystalline structure, which is known to be imperative for our cells to function properly. All of the great minds confirm this, it is irrefutable.  It must form this structure to be effective, to replenish and hydrate the organs, cells and tissues. Just look at it, does it look like it will do anything good for us? It will not send the correct, if any signals, to our cells and they become dehydrated and die, they will cease to replicate and or grow. And not just for human beings, for all life forms on the planet, like the birds and the sea life. The entire ecological system depends on clean water, or they too will die off as so many already are, becoming extinct. Never to replicate again.

Clean Spring Water Crystal Magnified

Clean Spring Water Crystal Magnified

 The entire world, just like the human body is covered in water. 80-90% of either is known to be water. Our muscle tissue, organs, bones, brains, skin, all replete, or at least should be, with water. Fresh clean water is essential to all life and the continuance of it. Even the words from our lips and the ideas and thoughts in our heads have been proven by many to affect the molecular structure of water. And not only to the person doing the speaking, but the one that is being spoken to as well. Choose words wisely, they affect all who hear them. Words come from within and they must be mindful and precise, have meaning and come from a place we know as the heart.

We are the cells, our bodies. You and I are vibrational, cellular and magnetic electrical beings that require fresh clean water, as does every organism on the planet. Our cells are conscious as we should be also. Conscious of the fact that our waters are being polluted. From toxic sunscreens, plastics, chemicals, even human beings that actually use our precious oceans and lakes as waste cans, and all things in between.

“And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” -Revelation 8:11

Sunscreens Toxic Toxic Lakes

May we all become more aware of our finite water supply and not take it for granted, because Fresh Clean Water is crucial to our health as well as the health for Mother Earth.

“And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb”

-Revelation 22:1


We are all one consciousness, may we all work towards growing instead of retracting, lifting other spirits up in the stead of further suppressing true knowledge and wisdom, and may we do all these things in our Creators name and honor.

Gym Jessop

Building Champions




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