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Mind Over Matter

 Although often repeated, and loosely interpreted, what is understood is that not much examination has actually gone into this antiquated saying or the essence of it.  The literal meaning of the adage mind over matter seems to be one of the most well guarded secrets that never really seemed to have needed the guardian, unfortunately.

It is truths like these that are dynamically empowering to anyone and everyone whom seeks a better understanding of profound sayings such as this.  Comprehension of what this principle truly means will in fact be life changing for those that apply it to becoming healthier.

Mind over Matter

 Three simple, yet very profound words that form an extremely complex truism when the phrase is inspected more closely.

Curiosity is Key

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” – Voltaire

    Consciouness Eckhart Tolle 2001

Mind over matter appears to be simply another repetitive saying by many without a full comprehension of the power of behind this mantra, including myself through my early years.  Primarily having only an ego driven curiosity during that time deprived me of knowing exactly how strong and powerful the human mind not is, but is able to be.

The human brain is known to have the storage capacity as to the equivalent of 1.2 billion average household computer drives.

 Able to Be all Knowing and All Powerful 

That is when the mind is challenged and completely open, fully conscious, and with total awareness of all that surrounds.  For any of this to occur or even be sought after though, the mind must be free of pollutants and toxicities.  The mind and body must be pure and have correct information to function properly.  This is the only way our cells in our brains and throughout our bodies are able to communicate effectively.  What can be found is the exact mechanisms as to how this is certain and the true science that reveals this process, if one is inclined to do some investigating.

Cognitive function slows or even stops and reverses by way of many things such as chemicals, metals, dehydration of cells, or by artificial and phony ingredients now listed as food or sources of energy by organizations that know absolutely nothing of health, and all the superfluous  distractions like television and cellular phones to name a few.

As the Bible commands us in 2 Corinthians – to remove all defilements from our bodies, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

I feel the above passage was referencing the television and cellular phones.

Whether one sees merit in the  Bible’s teachings or not, all of the so called holy books imply to keep the body pure.

Or whether one is spiritual or not, nobody could coherently contend with the fact that human beings function at much higher levels when not consumed with toxins like color dyes and artificial sweeteners.


 Personal realization of the need to suppress the ego and learning to denounce any narcissistic tendencies was the beginning of my personal experience of truly growing in spirit.  Although, “be extremely aware of your surroundings” was a constant lesson I was taught at a very early age, the importance of removing the ego was another matter altogether.

Most I feel have no idea how important this is so how could they ever teach it.

 Everything we are exposed to, everything, is directed towards stimulating our egos and is being manufactured by the despicable mapmakers of our current society.  

Narcissism is on full display everywhere we look nowadays.

Exactly how many images of oneself is enough, or how many times can we read see or hear I this, I that?

 Finally, upon surrendering to the facts that nobody knows it all, no matter all that we have read or thought we understood, and that I had not seen or heard everything was when the true learning began. Immersing myself in the words of the greats, and more importantly the not so greats, at all.  Some of the best advice I ever received was to read and get to know others that have different views than myself.

The old adage there is a reason we are born with two ears and two eyes, yet only one mouth, explains much.

 “Silence is better than unmeaning words” -Pythagoras


Mind Over Matter

 Researchers and Scientists of Albert Einstein’s caliber and intelligence level were known to be gathered at a Quantum Physics Conference in Belgium in 1927.

 Einstein was approached by several of these illustrious men and women of physics and science, and the subject of awareness and our atomic world was the theme.  These particular researchers were trying to convey to a reluctant Einstein that the very minds of unconscious scientists were affecting results of experiments.  Just the very presence of an unaware mind would completely disrupt the entire experiment.  Someone not in the loop, or less informed of situations that were occurring in the experiments were changing the data in the labs.

 Truly affecting them, if just a witness, even being another scientist or researcher was said to have looked in on, or came in as an unconscious observer, meaning came in and was not part of the particular experiment, the unconscious or unaware mind would collapse the wave function of what was being researched in that moment.  The information was said to be completely destroyed.  They were known to have to start the experiments over again.

 Foreign Vibration and Frequencies

 May we all remember this before we interrupt someone again when they are speaking, that is if a thoughtful answer is what is truly sought after.  This writers experience has always been that we learn at the end of the communication with others, not at the beginning or middle of the connection.  More often than not, the very end, the last word in most cases. Interruption before this takes place does nothing for either, and keeps conversations and true feelings very topical and vapid.

Anyone ever notice when communicating with others these days that you find it difficult to even finish a sentence when speaking with someone before they begin talking.

We can thank many things for this, however the first would be the beast in the living room known as telievision sets and the hand held microwaves known as cellular phones that so many people clutch continuously.

Back though to foreign frequencies and the power of the mind.

Einstein was said to reject that this could be possible, that the unconscious mind could interfere with these experiments.  He was known to be about numbers and mathematics, and if either did not confirm the results he was said not to accept the merit of the data.

He wanted not to believe this at all, this mind over matter.

Years later Einstein was known to say this

 “Anyone that becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes Convinced.. that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirt vastly superior to that of man.” -Albert Einstein

 That spirit is known by many to be Consciousness.  He himself became convinced by consciousness, or the Spirit.  He became more aware, more in tune with Nature and the Universe.  He came to know that it is alive, the Universe, the Spirit, and that we are Electrical beings.

This certainly then explains to this writer why the human brain cell looks identical to that of the universe.

brain cell vs the universe



“What is not brought to consciousness comes to us as fate”

~Carl Jung

What we do not know, will in fact hurt us, to the contrary what most are told, sold, bought, or still believe.

 Immaculate Conception

We are said, even before birth to have unlimited unconditioned consciousness.  Unbound true awareness and the ability to see and understand all.  Completely receptive to any and all information when we arrive. That is until the moment we are born and what is now known to be our birthing process takes place.  Even with excellent people surrounding us during this time we are moving further and further away from the natural order of things.  Advising C sections for women and depriving the baby of the known sacred journey through the birth canal where it is drenched in immune building bacterium and all the abhorrent vaccines that are foisted upon them to name a few.

Immediate trauma and stress is delivered, coming directly from perfect peace and harmony inside the safe confines of the mothers womb.  We start from birth by having our conscious conditioned by our surroundings and others we do not even remotely know.  All that surrounds our environment is crucial then, as it is now.  We are molded and formed the second we are born, we begin to be socially constructed.  Slapped on our backsides to show whom is in control, placed under fluorine gas filled bright lights and stripped from our mothers immediately to begin a course of unnecessary “immunizations.”

Immunization comes from nature and our environments, and our immunity and immune systems are created through our noses, not through the end of a needle full of dastardly chemicals and foreign animal DNA etc.

 We are born with developing healthy immune systems mostly, delivered to us by our mothers wise choices as we are being nurtured inside her body.  An immune system that can conquer any and all invaders when it remains healthy, and in a flourishing environment.

 The Essence of Mind Over Matter

 “Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words

 Meaning the human body and mind control the cells, not the germs or repeated genetics fable that has become so pervasive throughout our society today.

Being delivered to us by our perceived experts, inevitably from not knowing or being ill informed themselves, simply repeating information that sounded correct and more often than not without further inspection.  Dr. Bruce Lipton proved this back in 1985 showing the exact mechanisms that take place at the cellular level and explained how the environment was the elemental factor in our cells health.  That our cells membranes environment told our genetics what to do, not vice-versa as most sadly believe.  He went on with studies on Enucleation.  Numerous others have now followed suit and began to study Enucleation, where the nucleus of cells are removed.  Finding not only can the cells survive, but they are able to thrive in a healthy hydrated environment, without the nucleus, or “brain.”

The environment is the key.

 “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”

 -The Buddah

 The true knowledge on becoming or remaining healthy is voluminous if one knows where to look.  That is why we here completely understand and know that when We, our unique individual self controls our Own minds, our Own thought patterns and Energies, that we in fact control our very health and well beings.  We then will rule our Own lives and the complete essence of it.

Mind Body and Soul.

chakras 7

 Truly Mind Over Matter

Gym Jessop

Building Champions





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