Gym Jessop Documentary

Pleasant Greetings All

Concerning the documentary film we are producing we have a few visions that are being focused on and connected presently.

World in eye

The full scope depends on time and commitments as it goes, as we are scheduling the most prolific minds imaginable for each of the main focal points that will be covered in the film. We have been interviewing and arranging talks with all that have committed to being involved. We have continual blessings daily confirming more of the greats, we are excited to share with everyone!


These are men and women that are the True Leaders of our time. I have precisely selected those that I completely realize to be the absolute best minds on the planet. Each being extremely unique, yet one in the same, as many will see. We know this because their intentions resonate loud and clear with all who comprehend them. Our collective consciousness is rising with the true knowledge from all the incredible minds of the past, ancient past even. Rising due to the respect shown for our unbound leaders through the proliferation of knowing, along with the tenacity of each of us who are ascending and moving forward. Everyone from pastors, medical doctors,naturopathic physicians,historians,educators, professional athletes, radio talk show hosts, genuine education foundations, military veterans, holistic nutritionists, members of congress, law enforcement, spiritual leaders, pharmacists, neurosurgeons, and true theologians will all be presented. The level of intelligence that these luminaries will be sharing in this film on the most pressing issues of our time, is insurmountable. All speaking to growing the human spirit through factual information, particularly about our mental and physical health. Here we know at our inner most core that these souls, are the Immortal Legends.


Real Champions for the contributions being made to help rejuvenate what is left of our ailing planet. Those that want to contribute all that is in their hearts and minds to help us heal as a civilization. Leaders that will be spoken of and written about by others, in fact they already are. The complete awareness they are sharing and have always shared, is priceless to our society.

Each of their uniquely qualified particular fields of study will be represented. Revealing minds that were born to inspire because The True Spirit is infectious. Purely, men and women of Renown.

The website will be online soon with further information and details. For now those that want to help and become part of what is occurring, we will return messages as we can. All thoughtful insight and or intentions will be considered and greatly appreciated.

The more help we get, the greater the impact. Impact that will contribute more unabated awareness and prosperity for all living things. The enormity of this mission has multiplied and is ascending because this is my will, and it will be done. By myself and numerous others because the work started long ago. We are Enlightened Human Beings that hunger for peace and harmony. So this is what we shall have, through knowing and by the divine grace of all that is good.

Napolean Hill

May the almighty bless each and every one of you.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea who’s time has come,’ to quote Victor Hugo.

Be part of it you all!

Our History.



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