Are We The Next Babylon?

All Roads Lead to Rome

Rome Golden Italy

All roads lead to Rome…As the very profound and accurate saying goes.

Every road, and if we stay this course, those that have not been yet created, it seems also.

All of them.

Endless Avenues to Perdition

As always the most antiquated of sayings have multiple levels of understanding and always run the deepest.

The threatening parallels between our current society and the civilization at the Collapse of the Roman Empire are strikingly similar, a duplication really.  This is crystal clear for anyone to discover for themselves, this is not opinion.  This is knowing and the difference is vast as we well realize.  History has proven many times over, we reap what we sow.

Every Time to be Exact.

 The following conclusions although very troubling are not delivered to cause alarm or to belittle our people.  They are however thoughtful observations that must be communicated.  If not by myself and others, then by whom?  If not now, then when?

Our society is now reaping that in which we have been sowing, and will be for some time to come.  Never will it end, in fact, the reaping.  In this life and what becomes us next.

We do well when we reap well.

So what exactly are we sowing now, you know,  for our history, and future of that of our children, and theirs as well?

Games, narcissistic personalities, more rabid consumption of inconsequential material things and trinkets while devouring everything in our paths.  This sure feels like what we are sowing.  Along with the accumulation and collecting of literal tons of plastic gadgetry.  Only to then end up in landfills and back into our water table, further polluting ourselves and the earth.  These are the things that the unconscious men, women, and children of this world have become experts in unfortunately, games and consuming.  This is the example we are setting and misleading our youth to.  To continue to carry on in this manner is lunacy defined.  So here we are at the most pivotal point in human history, so say many. The warning signs are voluminous and extremely daunting.  Idolatry worship, seemingly the largest, is now, and has been on full display exactly as it was known to be in a city called, Babylon.

Are we the new Babylon? And if so, what are you going to do about it?

Babylon 2fall-of-babylon_thomas-cole_b

‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Rome was revered, in its infancy anyway, to be the leader of the world.  It was known to be an agriculturally based society replete with wisdom and fortitude.  Thoughtful, diligent men and women who were known to work the precious lands, tend to livestock and Produce more than they consumed.  There was said to be extremely limited government or bureaucracy, tremendous respect for private property, and a climate of free enterprise during these once prosperous times.  People from all over the world were said to have struggled and fought to get here, to Rome.

The absolute place to be, the beacon of shining light on the hill.

Was Rome.

The exact opposite of the aforementioned qualities that made Rome great began to take shape and materialize as time passed right before the people’s eyes.  Mass corruption, high taxation, and the once free enterprise ideology that embodied Rome was replaced with a tyrannical bankrupt welfare state.  The state became the primary source of income for the people of Rome.  People began to believe they were owed or entitled to things produced by someone else.  They began to Consume more than they produced.  Entire sectors of the Roman economy became nationalized or State owned because the businesses or producers could not afford the high taxes and smothering regulations imposed upon them.  Inflation became rampant and their money cheapened.  The people began to covet any success or blessings their neighbors might have acquired and the once respected private property rights for the individual was known to have vanished.  One Emperor after another doled out “freebies” and kept the people distracted with games until at last there was not a thing left to give and the people became to hungry to play.

Eerily Similar 

This author could write much more on Rome and will, soon enough.  This though, is very topical information that I have discovered by literally thousands of hours of reading and intently listening to true sages lecturing.

Yes, All Roads Lead to Rome.

An accurate antiquity proves the Romans were known to have gone mad, completely deranged.  They were known to defile their bodies and minds with drink, games, debauchery, and most were said to have taken No note of their surroundings.  They were known to have become intoxicated with complete power over others and the Perceived fortunes of paper and coins.

There were in fact ceaseless, and constant wars.  Disease was rampant and the difficulty even to obtain grain became a challenge.  The stressors that the Roman people endured were said to be immeasurable.  Yet, the politicians, power structure, legislators, officials, the state, yes even the “ruling class” as they are unfortunately referred to, were known to use the good people of Rome’s money to enrich themselves during these arduous times.  All the while pretending to be for the people.  Many starting out with good intentions more than likely.


There is another saying about roads being paved with good intentions.


 There was a known continual debasement of their fiat currency.  The never-ending and continuous rising inflation turned the value of the money worthless.  They destroyed the value of their own currency with the ever-growing welfare state along with the expansion of promised entitlements and “programs.”  The Roman form of currency, the denarius, was said to be at one time over 94% Pure Silver.  At the fall of the Empire it contained only a fraction of even 1% of this precious metal, silver.


Much like our pennies which are not copper anymore, to our new nickels, anyones guess as to what those are now made of.  Although writing about “change” might seem insignificant to some, that same change Could also be valued much differently, much differently.  This being another story all together.  Most Romans surely would have noticed prices going straight up and their money buying less and less.  The population was also known to start fighting amongst themselves.  To begin to hold in contempt the small business men and farmers for the increase in prices.  Blaming the “greedy” businessmen and women, instead of putting blame where it belonged.  All because of a misunderstanding as to what words mean or how they are perceived.  All they knew, as many now, is that prices are going abruptly higher.  This is what the definition of inflation was Thought to be, prices going higher.  This is incorrect and must be realized.

Comprehension of Terms Being Crucial.

Inflation defined is not an increase in cost nor prices as many will repeat or have been misled to believe.  Inflation is the Increase in the Supply of money or currency.  Inflation is the Result, the result of an Increase in the Supply of money, not prices going up.  Increasing the supply of currency without being based in exchange for goods and or services Causes inflation.  So then the questions would be, who can do this.  Increase the money supply, and why would this ever occur?

 Money Magic 

Today the literal printing of money out of thin air is called quantitative easing, because it sounds nice. Sounds so innocent and harmless.  Would not want to offend anyone, or say what is meant.  If it was termed correctly, which almost never is the case about anything, it would be known as Currency Debasement.  The absolution of money through the continuous printing of it.  Unless and until words and terms are used correctly things will remain the same and continue to deteriorate.

Might We Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say

It appears the good people of Rome had no idea as to what was occurring until it was too late.  The power structure was known to keep the populace very busy.  Very busy with being in a constant state of fear with all the bloodshed and disease, busy with grand stadiums and arenas, busy and distracted with the “bread and circuses.”  Distracted were the good men of Rome who idolized and salivated over other mens contrived games where battles spilt blood for amusement.  Perhaps to escape the hardships they were enduring this became their outlet.  Much like today with all the grand stadiums and worshiping idols of the “games.”  You know, like kids play, games.  Wee, how fun and exciting!

All the while Rome was burning and needed the people’s attention.  Nero was known to have played the fiddle and danced as Rome literally burnt to the ground.

Nero Fiddle

The Blueprint

Yes in exchange for some bread and “games”, the good people of Rome seemed to have relinquished their God-given birth rites.  Sacred birth rites bestowed unto each of us by the Most High Spirit, or Almighty God, our Creator, Nature, however one wants to see it.  When the public started accepting bread, and olive oil handouts in the place of learning the skills to harvesting wheat and growing olives was the beginning of the end.

When the good people of the Once Republic that was Rome started to vote themselves benefits and or monies, the society imploded.  This amongst other factors caused inflation to proliferate. This is what inflation does to an economy, no matter how large and strong.  The bigger the welfare state, the more massive the inflation will be, as history always proves.  Always being the biggest of bubbles, right before the bursting of them.

Going Mad

aqueductsRoman AQUED

We have since learned that the Romans entire watering system, known as the aqueducts, that delivered water for drinking, bathing, and cooking, were lined with heavy metals, particularly lead.  Lead and other heavy metals are known to cause madness or schizophrenia, makes people angry and violent. Biochemists, correctly informed medical doctors, intelligent scientists, and thoughtful human beings, all know this.  It did not end well for the Romans, their entire civilization was wiped out and although their seemed to have been a select few great Roman leaders, this is what they will be remembered for.

For their violence and emotionless attitudes towards their fellow-man and animals, for their complete lust for power and the overwhelming disdain they showed over all the spirits and sovereign minds they wanted to conquer.  It is well-known that the Romans will be remembered for their complete narcissism and antipathy for any and all that was good and wholesome.  They became unconscious and unaware of their surroundings.  They became Unconscious Human Beasts, as Hermes calls them.

More Familiarity

Rome, like The United States was once a Republic.  From the once Republic, to absolute rule by the worst of tyrants.  This did not occur overnight and the people’s silence was their consent, much like ours.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 

-Lord Acton

The Roman people nor the leaders seemed to have known they were in fact poisoning themselves by most all accurate historical accounts.  Fresh clean water is paramount for human beings and animals to thrive.  Pristine water is needed by every gland, cell, and organ in the body, perhaps most importantly the brain.  We suggest then, as now, many have no idea as to what they are ingesting, the purity of water included.

So then what becomes of  the discernment of those making decisions that directly impact our lives when they are being possibly unknowingly polluted with tainted and now even artificial food and drink?

Towards the end of the “empire” the good people of Rome were pitted against each other and known to suffer immensely due to one despot after another.  Each becoming progressively worse and more dangerous than the previous.  It seems the Romans were very excited to be relieved of Augustus, to then get Tiberius whom was known to be far worse.  After Tiberius came an even worse dictator known as Claudius.  The Romans were said rejoice at the end of  this “reign”, only to get the awful Caligula.  And when all most likely thought there is no way it could possibly get any worse for the people of Rome, they were delivered Nero.


Precise Parallels to Rome

What does one suppose our society will be remembered for if we march on in this manner?

As of now, we will be pitied if not laughed at.  If we continue to squander all the blessings that have been bestowed unto us thus far.  All the intelligence and wisdom from our past leaders must manifest through our youth and the only way this is to occur is for people to come together and communicate at higher levels.  We need true leaders and warriors for all that is honest and good.  People with purpose and unbound awareness.  We need Men, Women, and Children and all Animals alike, to spread the blessed energies of life and to become correctly informed.  We must get back to the natural order of things to find peace and harmony.  We need correctly informed educators, parents, all people no matter the age to become accurately informed leaders and illustrious beings.  No matter what position or “class” someone else puts us in.  It matters not what job or skills one has, whatever is done, be brilliant and shine!  We need a plethora of men and women alike to awaken and spread true wisdom and more enlightened beings whom Refuse to suffer fools.

Or Foolish Things.


Giordano Bruno pictured above was burned at a stake for stating, and later proving the earth was not the center of the universe.  Because like George Bernard Shaw asserts, “all great truths first begin as blasphemies.”

The United States of America is a Beautiful Idea that must continue on for the sake of the Entire World.  Might we all strive to become more precisely informed on all issues in so that we may contribute thoughtful insight on consequential matters.  We are a resilient people and many have sacrificed everything so that we might live in peace.  May we never forget those precious souls and always remain grateful.

We also pray for our worlds leaders, peace officers and officials so that they too know these lessons of the past.  We pray for their individual morality and that they do not succumb to the apparent intoxicating powers as that of the Romans.

What immediately followed the Fall of the Roman Empire was a period of absolute pestilence known as the Dark Ages that lasted hundreds of years.

This Need Not Occur Again

We need an Enlightenment, not a Revolution, and we needed it yesterday.

Peace to you all.

“What we do in life ripples in eternity” -Marcus Aurelius


Building Champions





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