The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer

Mike Mentzer

Excellent read for those looking to make lasting impressions to their own physique, and minds as well, really.  Mike was highly intelligent and far more than a Champion Legendary Bodybuilder as anyone is able to see.  Each time read will provoke more thoughts into ones own training this is certain, his seminars being excellent as well.  Yet there is something about reading the written word and digesting them properly that is virtually impossible to duplicate.

The hard-core, heavy-duty styles of training started long before a few years ago.  All the “new” systems that are being promoted and utilized now by the industry were brought to us, by men and women, before us.  Not by perceived superstar trainers whom looked like they have never touched a weight and that promote toxic poisons sadly known as supplements.  Nor, by many of the coaches whom simply rename an antiquated philosophy or style of training and then call it their own.

 Unfortunately though oftentimes the names of the thoughtful individuals that bring forth the most profound insight, never seem to show up in the glossy photograph altered magazines of today.  Although, they are rife with advertisements on every page about supplemental ingredients that ought to never be ingested, and advice, that really is startling.  Shame we notice not much homage paid at all, to the true originators to many of the practical ideas many of us take advantage of daily.  Those promoting these programs, did not devise them as they would have most believe.  The intellectual property of others only has been renamed and called ones own without respect, or even mention, to the source in almost all cases.


We say here to be proud of treasured resources of accurate information and the names behind the intentions must always be referenced.  Much respect to Dorian Yates for being one of the few I have ever heard credit Mike Mentzer for his own success and his Olympia wins.   This is because Dorian is a thoughtful man whom realized the power of the information he was provided.  He did not keep the life changing intelligence to himself, he paid respect and admiration to the provider as it should be.  This is vital on so many levels that these principles are adhered to by everyone.  I did not know Mike other than through his own words and what a few others have written about him, yet we are though tightly connected in many other ways, as I began to discover some time ago.

Rand Atlas Shrugged 209Ayn-Rand-Quote-750x466

Mike was labeled an Objectivist.  More than likely by those who are unable to define the term, or at the very least comprehend it, yet called him this anyway.  Unfortunately because one studies certain things it seems they are often labeled the same.  He, as many others have stated many times over that it was one special teacher in their lives that started their journey.  One acquaintance or friend who helped unlock their mind.  Always seemingly one, that opens the eyes of others.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear as the proverb goes.


Mike Mentzer was known to study metaphysics and nature. He was known to study novelists and philosophers.  One, was a women that we here know a little something about.  So does now hollywood it appears.


Philosophy is not ancient old men telling riddles and asking questions.  Although the best of books are often just that, riddles.  Philosophy though is the love of knowledge.  Knowledge that is obtained through logic and reason.  Mr. Mentzer knew this as well and this is what he was known to instill in his clients.  Mikes methods and styles of training, correctly coincide with the human body and minds natural design.  The way they were meant to work efficiently.  Intense stress for a short duration, and long periods of rest and recuperation.  Exactly, how our much stronger and bigger ancestors lived long ago it seems.  Be aware though of taking his systems literally, like even the largest of literary works, the wisdom is in allegory and metaphors.

I feel there are many caveats to what his intentions were towards his readers.  We understand Mike was intelligent enough to know this as well.  He realized if he said do one set per body part we would do three.  If his thoughts were say 5 reps max depending on body part, we would do 8.  My belief is that he realized this also and that the 3 or the 8 was actually, or very well close to his target number anyway.  Hence, Mr. Mentzer would write programs asserting to do one set per body part possibly surmising we would do three.  He, as many others, are thinking many moves ahead.

As we must.

It is only within the context of having properly developed your mind that you will be able to truly enjoy the achievement of your material values, including that of a more muscular body.” ― Mike Mentzer

We enthusiasts truly appreciate and commend the few distinct publications writers whom diligently work to keep the Names Alive of those from our past who have provided us so much to look forward to in the future.

 Rest In Peace Mr. Heavy Duty, Mike Mentzer


We thank you Mr. Mike Mentzer for being much more than a Champion Bodybuilder.  We thank and appreciate you for your wisdom and research that have helped so many.  We anticipate many more will realize your contributions to that in which we love, the Iron Game included.  May you and your brother Ray rest in peace, and might your spirit and love for knowledge continue to flourish amongst us.

Older School

Mike and his brother Ray at the bottom right hand corner.  Along with many other Great Champions appearing in this image from our past.

Mentzer Old school

Mr. Mike Mentzer

(November 15, 1951- June 10, 2001)

Kyle Raymond Jessop

Building Champions






211 South Persimmon

Tomball, Texas 77375


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