Pleasant and warm greetings all,

Sharing the status pertaining to my new website and radio show, along with information about the growth of our online presence.

I was informed that as of today, jessopink.wordpress.com has had 2,752 ‘clicks’ to read the articles there provided.  Being that there are only 14 posts that have been presented, this we find excellent!  The interest in the material on the blog site has come not only from the United States, but 6 other countries as well.  The site has only been online for a few months and there has been no attention provided to marketing in the least.  This we find exciting as I also anticipate the future growth to develop even more rapidly in the months to come.

I am not proficient in all the settings and control systems in place with the word press site that might be limiting comments and or feedback, yet this is exactly what is encouraged.  Recently I have added a place for comments and believe I have corrected a filter that was limiting ways to share.  Invited is anyone with anything they would thoughtfully like to add or contribute.  I do not profess to know it all, or even a fraction of this enormous story we are all living through.  Thoughtful discussion is how we learn and grow.  Not agreeing with everyone is healthy and required to fully comprehend all things.

We would also like to discover what most of the readers find most interesting and what topics or issues they would like to see more of pertaining to the radio show, and or written articles.  Physical training, super-foods, current events, etc.  We look forward to helping in any way we can.  Constructive criticism is welcome and any thoughtful insight on how to make the site or broadcasting better and more informative is always helpful.

Much more of my life’s work will be on full display on some of the largest websites in the world.  I have been selected to write and edit material for sites that have millions of viewers to but a few of them alone.  Also coming online will be what also has been a long time in the making; that is my personal website.  The name will be announced soon and we look forward to the online presence that has been absent.

Natural News1

Also encouraged is for those of you that might find the information there compiled as beneficial, to please do share it with others, to lead them to possibly information that may be useful.  I have never asked for anything of this sort before.  Never have I promoted, marketed, asked for followers of any sort, nor have I ever advertised any services.  The time has now come for me to do these things and I want you all to know I will forever remain gracious in doing so.


Although social media sites have been helpful tools, they are a poor reflection of the true interest amongst the people to the data being provided. 2,752 people and counting have now proved otherwise.  This number is growing with 15-20 more ‘clicks’, or people searching daily to read my limited 14 articles.  Strange that this word press site is so active, yet post this same type of material on a social site and the engagement seems non-existent.  This is all fine though because I know full well and completely, the silence, is actually deafening.

Although post the 100th picture of oneself or speak about the temperature outside and you would think the sea parted again or eureka occurred.  Stating and speaking about the obvious.. Is really something.  Well.. Why not communicate about things that people may not be aware of, things that have substance that can elevate the minds and thoughts of those around us?

There are many reasons for this, as many, more than likely already know.  The herd mentality, wanting confirmation that everyone else is doing or not doing something so it must be right or wrong.  If everyone is not on board then it must be odd or incorrect.

Many of us will assert the exact opposite to be true.

Another reason for the listlessness amongst many of our people might be due to our surroundings that we sometimes are even forced into.  I cannot even get gasoline anymore without witnessing the complete degradation of our minds.  Blaring on the speakers above the hypnotic trance like mindless music is yet another screen trying to get my attention by asking questions.  Very intriguing, interesting questions, specifically, who holds the title last year for most consecutive free throws, was it Kevin so and so or Charles whatever?

Who Cares?

Talk about making our society more illiterate.

Here is an idea, how about asking questions like what is the purpose of the thyroid gland in the human body?  Or maybe do you know that mineral rich salts are required for human beings to digest and process food?  Or possibly even do you know that the absolute key to excellent health begins in your intestines and has everything to do with what you ingest?

Even facts such as.. There are around 240,000, miles of neural threads in the human brain which is enough to stretch from the earth to the moon.  And that also on every micro meter of these threads, is 250,000 units of information.

Is nobody else thinking like this, that we should be communicating at higher levels?

Sure they are.

The questions then become how intelligent are we really?  To be experts in sports scores, how astounding.  Have you all noticed the  physical well beings and the mental capacities of most of those around us?  Everyone coughing and sneezing everywhere we go, seemingly always unwell.  Even those that think they are eating clean, and what they are now consuming?  So instead of speaking about sports scores and great heroes that play games, maybe we can promote more ways to becoming a healthier society.

Even at the gasoline stations.


Visualize a society that spoke of things such as how the great Pyramids were built, or how the massive stones weighing unfathomable amounts were even moved.   How they are also known to be perfectly aligned with celestial bodies and certain stars, all accomplished with no “new” technology.  Picture a community commenting and discussing how many actual life forms there are on this planet alone, or even how before we communicated through language, that we followed symbols.

ocean16 fish26

And yes even our friends and acquaintances speaking about extra-terrestrial or non human, but intelligent life forms.

What kind of mentality or entity would not want those around them, our team, to be wise?  In so that true knowledge and skills can be passed on to our youth helping us remain forever strong as a civilization.

I would claim not a very good one.

Everywhere and everything we are exposed to could be a learning experience, or at least an uplifting and thoughtful one.

If one takes anything away from any thoughts I might provide it would be to truly examine the things that seem outlandish or impossible.  What you find, just might be the exact opposite.  What you also are likely to uncover is that there are numerous levels of understanding even on the most basic of topics.

Dr. Albert Einstein I feel sums it up best..

“Condemnation before investigation is the highest form of ignorance.”


Simply put, to shrug off something as absurd or incorrect because of course, many, feel the entire world thinks the opposite without first yourself, qualifying, or intently studying the subject matter, is foolish.

I might add, especially if one feels the source of the information is coming from someone with a clear, sound, non-intoxicated thoughtful mind.

What everyone reading these words must know is that I have no angst against the world and that I am far from cynical, although I realize it does not appear so.  It is because of my love for all life that I feel compelled, actually commanded, to speak that which is in my heart.  I do so with zero trepidation and want only peace.  It is not my intention to offend anyone or “tell” anyone how they should live or what they should do.  As a matter of fact I know the exact opposite is what is crucial.  I would warn though, to be cautious of anyone whom “tells” another what they should or should not do.  Suggesting or showing is far better absorbed than telling anyone anything.  What we do know very well, is sometimes the truth, or at least the search for it, can be very uncomfortable for people at times.

People have their own beliefs and ideologies and this is fine, I am not challenging any of them.  I am stating what I have discovered and many others have now as well.  We appreciate others and their individual feelings here and want everyone, and all life to thrive.

Please know that I respect everyone.  I respect all living and breathing creatures, all of nature, and many things in between.  My love for life is stronger than ever and I fully realize love is the ultimate motivator.  Love is also the ultimate answer.  Love cannot be explained or even precisely defined.  Love is a presence that is intensely real, yet so immeasurable by all intuitive accounts.

Love is the key, it is the light, it is the healer, and it is absolutely magnificent and even magical, when we are in the presence of it.

Let Love Rule’ -Lenny Kravitz

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Kyle R. Jessop





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3 thoughts on “ENGAGE

  1. Kyle, forgive me if this comes off as overstepping boundaries: I saw you this evening at FIT. In trying to place your face, I knew, I knew you, perhaps from Facebook or a show; but the reason I am writing is because your FB feed had your blog post in it, so I meandered over here and read this. Thoughtful! Thank you for contributing to the conversation that hopefully continues to grow.

    I am a writer, blogger in the mind-body-consciousness genre, I’ve been doing it for years, and if you need any direction, resources, humble opinions, I can hopefully answer or help.

    As far as social media goes, it’s love-hate relationship I endure for the sake of the “brand,” but as far as I know guest posting and radio/pod casting are the best way to find your tribe.


    • Hello Ms. Megyn! Thank you for the kind words, you have some excellent insight there on your page as well. I make it to fit about once a week, say hello next time, you take care..

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