Breath Big

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How does one lower blood pressure if it is in fact high and not simply a repeated meme within the turnstile system?

We Breath.

This is one question that continues to come up in almost every conversation for years now.  Everyone seemingly all feeling as if their blood pressure is too high.

This is one of the most forgotten yet proven strategies for many things, a reduction of force by which blood travels through our bodies and arteries, and even our tissue and organs being but a few.  If one does not believe it can really be this simple, try it.

To Breath Big.

Get a blood pressure monitor and check it before the breathing exercises, and afterwards.  Start with ten deep controlled breaths, breathing from your diaphragm and opening up your rib cage, big deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly.  Try and do so with your eyes closed and your head back.

This exercise will immediately bring life giving oxygen to our cells and bloodstream. This will in turn detoxify and remove any pathogens as not one can live in a pure oxygen rich environment.

Remember the adage to hold your breath and count to ten if one gets angry?

Tremendous calming effect.

This is the science behind the saying.

And as one of the good books implies, it is wise to be slow to anger.

Many I know, including myself when relaxing and breathing like this, meditating of sort, sometimes will find it difficult.  Difficult to remember and then even more arduous when considering trying to find the perceived time.

Some that started with 5 minutes are doing even now hours.  It takes effort and a lot if it, however the reward is priceless.  Everyone is busy, we all have a hundred things to do next and everything else is so much more important.

Is it really?

All partners and companions ought to be encouraging and making their counterpart accomplish this, because we know our good health is not given to us, we must work for it and to protect it.

It is so very simple to become healthier.

When this is done several times a day any true blood pressure issues will become a thing of the past.  When deep breathing is done before every meal is when the true magic occurs.  Even if one could do say five deep breaths before meals would do absolute wonders for the way your body processes nutrients.  And as we all know, proper digestion is critical and key to our health and the way we feel.

Magnesium would be the next resource, followed by omega 3 fatty acids and other essential dietary fats.  These are in no particular order as everyone is entirely unique in what they are deficient in.  I would also suggest to do ones homework before purchasing any of the following because although even grocery stores now carry these products, I would ingest almost none of them, even if they were free.

All supplements, like all else, are not created equally as many must know by now.

Do your own homework, as a great man I know always replies.

Carpe Diem Men and Women!

And each and every moment they can never be replaced, neither can you.


Peace To All

Gym Jessop

Thrive Now!

 Expert Consultation and Physical Training Services

Wholistic Nourishment- Mind, Body and Soul.



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