Know Thy Guardians

This is a synopsis about a few terms that seem to be circulating in and around the “new” health movement.  Please know that this topic is coming from a few of the most recent talks with new acquaintances and clients.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals



What is being shared is that a consensus exists amongst several groups of people of all ages that are endeavoring to obtain accurate information about proper nutrition yet not finding it.  Even within most of the gyms and throughout the fitness community it seems, because what we are observing is what most consider healthy, is in fact not.

As always there are numerous levels of comprehension pertaining to even the most basic of information as well as multiple senses and ways to define words and what those words mean to others, the term healthy is no exception.

So what one person deems healthy and fit for human consumption another may not feed to animals.

Just how precise does one want to get with what they are ingesting by choice?   The phony food like substances and impure water that people are ingesting now are making people ill and docile, amongst other very daunting things.

Many, we are discovering seem confused as to what to believe because the stories often change so much about what is healthy and what is not.  Not all stories change however, that would be opinions.  People that know, the wise, do not surround themselves, nor do they themselves capitulate to opinions.

Even our own.

Einstein Knowledge


Factual information and knowing is much more constant and elevating.  Where one can actually feel knowledge and when they are being enlightened or edified, not being “told” or “sold” (same word) something.

The truth has a certain ring to it as it goes.

The story never changes among the people whom truly know.  The only change would be again, to go to deeper levels of comprehension.

Not simply when something is understood.

The term understanding/understood is far too much over used, much like all other words that have been diluted and watered down by unaware people that have no inkling as to what this does to a society.  Aimlessly throwing words around and regurgitating terms that they hear on some imbecilic telievision show.

Keep throwing around words like Nazi, Hate, Amazing, Hope, etc,  and see where this takes us.  To use these terms in such a light manner is asinine.

What ought to be sought after as opposed to “understanding” is a complete comprehension, not being under the stand or stoop of another’s opinion or intentions. This is what understanding actually translates to, a being like you, being under the stand of another.

Whether the “source” of the information is accurate seems not to matter anymore.

Because someone understands something, does not make it right or factual.

That would be intelligence.

And it most certainly does not stop there, because to have intelligence does not require accuracy.  Intelligence can be, and often is, incorrect as we already know.  So anyone can amass voluminous amounts of intelligence or information and still be completely incorrect.

For this, Wisdom rules.

Definite is wisdom.

A few we have met recently are involved in different groups that have been focused on antioxidants and free radicals.  One in particular couple explained how they have noticed many say these words yet few, if any, seem to even be able to define the very terms they are communicating.

What follows is a very broad and general summary regarding some of both, free radicals and antioxidants.

This is an excerpt out of a chapter in my book that I am looking forward to publishing within the next few years.

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

When we, us , you, are exposed to elements, any elements, those elements require a host to exist.

Some elements are obviously more detrimental to the human organism than others.  Some elements are actually required by us to thrive and flourish as human beings, like the vitamins and minerals that should be in our soils.  These nutrients also will either prove to gain strength or dissipate, even within our bodies and minds, in our tissue.


Either we nutrify ourselves with light, or electric, live foods and truly wholesome sources of fuel we utilize as energy, or we dull down, calcify, and pollute ourselves with things that ought not be on our planet, let alone in our bodies.

When something, anything, is inhaled or taken in by ingestion, or works its way into our skin, since this is our largest breathing organ, our bodies form what has been termed free radicals or anti-oxidants.   Anti-oxidants are comprised of primarily vitamins, enzymes, minerals, co factors, etc, which we should be getting from our sources of food, water and sunlight, in turn strengthening our blood and immunities.  When our food supply is deficient in these nutrients so will we be, so the more nutrient void our soil and lands are, the less healthy we will be as a people.



These same nutrients, or antioxidants, that should be in our soils are the raw materials required for our defense and extremely intricate immune systems.  These raw materials that we are blessed with from the sun and other elements are the essence of our humanity and our intelligently designed physical bodies and minds.

Our immune systems are continually being degenerated by numerous factors such as artificial foods, incorrectly filtered and toxic water, and electromagnetic chaos from ridiculous “smart” devices like cellular phones and meters that literally make people non human.  Of course we also have the “convenience” killers, such as the despicable microwave oven and the petroleum based packaged food like substances full of chemicals that come out of them.

Also we have the literal metric tons of plastic gadgetry, you know, “toys,” that overflow our landfills while leaching highly toxic compounds from the plastic back into our water table along with all the abhorrent vaccines being foisted upon the incorrectly informed public.

To name a few.

It is a real wonder how we are able to still walk upright.

This is truly a testament to the resiliency of human beings and how we are designed to overcome.

What happened to books as toys?  People were called wizards that read books in the past.

Back though to antioxidants.

Antioxidants either go to work helping to facilitate normal physiological processes within the organism or they become depleted while attacking invaders known as free radicals like the aforementioned ones.  Antioxidants are electric and bring light to dark situations occurring in the body and mind.  Free radicals on the other hand, to loosely describe, are oxygen atoms that have lost an electron, or the ability to charge.  When these atoms lose an electron, or become magnetic, they then bind to anything present, they become a leech of sorts.

And we are the host.

Food by the way, is also either magnetic or electric.  So to is your glandular system, like our pineal, thyroid and pituitaries.

Our master glands.

They control everything from our thoughts and feelings to our entire quality of life.

Our glands are hungry for life enhancing fuels, such as dietary fat, vitamins, sunlight, and purified water and minerals, not highly reactive heavy metals and foul chemicals that we find in food like substances and unclean water.

So these free radicals that have lost an electron begin to feed off of that which sustains us and makes us whole.  That would be the very vitamins and minerals we should be comprised of, us.  This is also known as oxidation, or the second law of thermodynamics.  The laws of physics that describe degeneration and decay.

Iron to rust, or as rust is also named, iron oxide.

Rust:Iron Oxide

Image Credit:

So knowing that most all toxins, perhaps even every single one to the human being are fat soluble, would it not be then wise to not carry excess bodyfat?  Or even to not let any of these substances break the precious blood brain barrier seeing how the brain is made up of almost entirely fat.  And would this not also prove to be one of the primary causes for the declining health of those around us?

We are being stripped from the very things we are comprised of and it is coming from all seven of the sacred directions and everything in-between.  From bittersweet technology to ignorance and disinformation lies the problems.

There are numerous ways to protect yourself and loved ones from the continuous onslaught and barrage of toxicity we are subjected to daily.  There are a multitude of proven solutions yet it begins with being aware of the fundamental problems.

Unless and until there is more demand and detailed emphasis placed on the selection process by us for our sources of energy that we call food, our health will continue to diminish as a species.  The ones that will be affected the most are the ones that are under nutrified or malnourished.

The mission for myself has always been to reverse the aging process and to live as we were meant, to surround myself with as many like-minded souls as possible in so that we all will learn and be nimble adapting to any and all change.  I have refused to sit idly by and take it as it comes, to be educated, which is synonymous with brainwashing, particularly by those that know nothing of health.  So what is a must is to continue on nourishing and fortifying not only my body, but my mind as well.

You are the anti-oxidant, or at least able to be.

The genesis is knowing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.27.34 AM

For detailed information please contact us.

We become impenetrable sources of unbound energy when we fuel ourselves with proper nutrients and remove ourselves from toxic environments.

 Some people and ideologies included.

Jessop Manuscript Excerpt 7/14/2015

Building Champions  

Disclaimer: None of the information presented, shared, or distributed by Jessop, or, or Kyle Jessop should be construed as medical advice or anything similar. The intelligence provided although thoroughly researched, is not intended to be instructions of any sort. The information within this site is not meant to treat or cure any disease or ailment. As always, consult with a qualified professional prior to making changes to ones current lifestyle.


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