Acquire Fat

Dr. Udos Erasmus


This man and his work changed my life in 1993.

A few years before I won Texas State the first time.

He reaffirmed everything that the intelligent athletes and bodybuilders were doing at the time, and that was ingesting dietary fats.  At least 24 of the best eggs around was, and still is the crux of my diet today.

But eggs are bad for you right? Only eat the white!


There are those that are not though and that do incredible work for humanity.

Dr. Udos Erasmus.

He is the epitome, or perfect example of health whom has a message to share with anyone wise enough to apply his teachings.


Dietary Fat is not only necessary for a healthy body and mind, but crucial.

If one would simply change to sunflower butter in place of the known inflammatory peanut, not only will they become more healthy physically but their mental acuity will also increase immediately.

This is because cholesterol and dietary fat nourish the brain and every nerve in it, they are made from it.

By the way, it is common knowledge amongst those learned few, the reason for all the new peanut allergies everyone is said to be afflicted with is because genetically modified peanuts and their oils are used in the abhorrent and useless vaccines.

More than likely from the west coast as well, so they will sadly be genetically modified and nice and irradiated as well due to the now sick Pacific Ocean.

Also in sunflower butter should be an abundance of the blessing selenium.

“If every women would ingest simply 200 mcgs of selenium,  the occurrence of breast cancer would be reduced by 82%.” 

Dr. Wallach had to bring forth litigation against huge bureaucracies and won in every court case at the highest of levels to be able to say those words without expecting repercussions as a trained physician. This is because of his massive amounts of data proving the point.

Of course it would need to be the right forms of selenium.

Sunflower Butter


Selenium the Guardian.

Selenium is also known to regenerate L-Glutathione which is known as our Master Molecule.

The highest form of anti (against), oxidants (breakdown).

Against Deterioration of the human body and mind.

flax seeds with logo

Healthy fat is how we develop and regenerate our primary hormones in the human body.

All fat all the time.



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In Excellent Health,


Disclaimer~ This is not medical advice and should not be construed as such.  The information is not meant to be instructions of any sort and is for edification purposes only.



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