Impossible is Nothing Says Cassius Clay

 It was the spark which ignited long ago that is now allowing all the good that is manifesting itself currently.  This is the result of decades of continuously moving forward no matter what.

Never did we stop or quit.

Never have we capitulated, or caved in, to any of the issues that we are all subjected to on a daily basis.

“Impossible is nothing”

This is not an adidas slogan by the way, they might ought to show some more respect.  They depict Mr. Ali in the video yet do not attribute their campaign slogan, impossible is nothing, to him and his own words that were spoken.

Cassius Clay, or “Ali,” professed it long before it was a corporate headline.

As well as numerous others that will sadly not be remembered because of many dubious things, thoughtless and plagiaristic personalities being but a few.

Speak well or at least the truth of others and might they one day do the same for you.

Respect for others and all those deserving is imperative to the waning sanctity of the human species.

We are at the point ladies and gentlemen, we are right there at the precipice.

The lightening is striking all around each and every one of us as our world is calling for help.

We must return to the natural order of things.

If not me then whom?

If not now when?

Nobody is coming to save us.

We are a vital life force in and of ourselves to echo Dr. Null and I am sure countless others.

It is written and implied in over 12 of the supposed holiest of books that the good spirit blesses those that help themselves.

So we will continue to go with what we know and we encourage any and all thoughtful discourse on meaningful matters.

Should we not speak about the most controversial issues of our time with others that are as concerned as we are about our future, which is really right now?

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Sure we should, particularly with people whom may disagree.

This is the way we Grow and is the path to Enlightenment.

Time is Now to Rise with Solutions.


Wait till you see mine and my view.

The equipment is being purchased and assembled.

The largest of personalities in the world receive from 1 to 5 million viewers/listeners a week.

These are the presumed, and some of them correctly, the Super Heavy Weights of Talent.

Guess we will see.

Patience, Patience, and even more Patience while you patiently wait some more will only be the beginning as we move towards the largest of blessings in life, this is what I have found anyway.

 Elevate every single thing around you, make their, or its situation better, especially the things that cannot help themselves or ever repay you, and then ready yourselves for the true blessings that will begin to emerge with unrelenting frequencies.

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Non-Stop Coincidences.

Coincidences that are not real simply because everyone says so, this is called synchronicity, and we create it.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change”.

~Max Planck,

The Father of the more modern Quantum Theory of Physics.

They certainly do and they become more alive just as you will.

Even inanimate objects change and move when you look deep enough at them.

Especially with curiosity or love.

Thank you for all the support for the site and kind messages.

You all have not seen anything yet.

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This was simply last month.

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And the last few weeks of the word press site above, so over 9,000 visitors to our landing pages.





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