The Tellers

We do not learn anything from others “telling” us information.  From “news”, to advice, and all things in between. Who is really doing the learning when the telling is being told?  In poker they are called tells as well, or weaknesses.  The one doing the telling is actually the one learning, learning about you. Just how much you fully comprehend any given subject. By your tells, maybe the questioning or non questioning look in your eye, your body language, your very perceived interest or lack thereof, and these are but a fraction of the ways. 
We must realize where our information is coming from, where it is truly coming from, the very essence of it.
I would add to the above point that yes, it could be an educated person that learns this, but more than likely it will be an enlightened or wise person since the word education is synonymous with brainwashing, so implies any accurate thesaurus.
Because someone is “educated”  this does not make them right or correct.
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The Origin
The tellers are usually the sellers, unfortunately.  Selling us what may or may not be true.  And given the complexity of even the smallest of matters, would you not rather Purchase something than be sold it? When we purchase, we would tend to question more because there would be more interest, would you not agree?
Whether it be information or products, doing our homework is vital to our intelligence and wisdom.  It is of no matter whom or what entity or institution is doing the ‘telling”. None, no matter how big the costumes are, how many letters are behind the names, what school was attended, what color coat they are wearing, any of it.
What matters is that well-informed communication and inquisitive thoughts continue and are sought after.
Who told them anyway?  Another salesperson, another teller?  How close were they listening  Was the information even close to being accurate, what was the agenda?  Follow the money trail, since this is all anyone seems to care about.  It is when we are not sold or told things that enlightenment happens.  
Discovering knowledge through curiosity and concern, not having things foisted upon us.
By Repeaters Especially
Not that there is anything inherently wrong with salespeople, this is not the point.
In my early thirties I built and sold very large estate homes and worked with one of the largest custom home builders in the Houston area.  One of the first things I did upon taking over the position was remove all the sold signs from the communities and replace them with ones that read, purchased.
After one meeting with the owner of the company I asked him the question would you not rather purchase something than be sold it?
He agreed and could not believe nobody had ever said this before, even all the veterans in the homebuilding business.
We went on to build out every community we went into and every home was purchased not pushed on anyone.
Guess what the other builders in and around our communities started doing with their signs?
To this day I still see almost every homebuilder around with “sold” signs, how special those buyers must feel.
Back to the tellers though.
The television, the media, our friends, our health care providers, our personal trainers and nutritionist whom all seem to be repeating inaccurate information ought to be respectfully challenged and questioned.
But see this is the crux of the issue, nobody questions anything anymore, at least not many.
The ones that do are indeed special, because this is how we grow, because as many have stated, when we are talking we are saying things we already know.
This is not always the case when we listen.  Listen up, and please know the best is always at the very end, sometimes the last word in fact of someone’s thought.
 Not one of us really wants to be sold something do we?  Another “deal?”  Seems to me it is far better to purchase something of value, not Sold a Deal
Deal, another dumb repeated word that ought be saved for casinos.
Please also know that we must not let anyone or any entity continue to sell or deliver us things, even while speaking, when the information is inaccurate.  This is crucial to our society, an absolute necessity to progress as free thinking individuals.  What one will find when people are held liable for each individual word, even every syllable uttered really, is that conversations will change drastically.
More factual information will come to fruition.
If not, we will continue to have a society of repeaters of false and in many cases harmful information, all the while being disguised as political correctness.
Much deeper thoughts will be discussed, more knowledge and wisdom will come to light.  Of course this will take True Listening.  One has to focus entirely on others and their individual thoughts.  Not just Hearing sounds and Vibrations and assuming what someone is going to say next, waiting for our turn to speak.
All because we think we have heard it all before, when we most certainly, have not.
Invariably what those whom tend to listen more than speak will always hear is that we sure are quiet, he or she never talks!
I wonder why?
Yakety yak, I, I, I, ME, ME, ME, Etc,etc,etc.
We must also Fully comprehend the Real History and every single moving part to really know, or at the very least be close to the Truth, on all things.  One could not “tell”, even two people the same story and expect a single aspect of it to remain intact when repeated.
 Imagine now thousands, millions or even billions that have all heard and repeated the same alleged and reported tales.  From the smallest of fables, to the greatest of all the even documented legends and “accounts” of our past.
 All of them, other people’s versions of history.  
Beware of the very real spell one can be put under as someone “tells” you something.  Of all the stories that you know, do we really know anything? 
Spell caster
Truly Know?

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

-Haruki Murakam

May we all try to share a bit more, our thoughts and questions, without repeating something that we once heard somewhere or that someone told us.  Hold people accountable for each word that is spoken and may both know how to each, these very words are defined.  When people are held responsible for each word or term they espouse, this is when true discernment or comprehension takes place of the information.  
If someone continues speaking and or “educating”, after an untruth or inaccurate statement, then everything that was said prior Now becomes truth or is deemed as factual.  This is all we see and it is a recipe for disaster that will continue to disseminate massive schools of thought replete with misinformation, disinformation and even deception that we see so pervasive in our society today.
Being Sold
As consciousness and awareness expands, the realization of what each of us as individuals are focused on, becomes crystal clear.  We are built to receive information, to be programmed.
You know like the Eagles song, “we are programmed to receive.”
What becomes then crucial is exactly how we Know what we perceive to be true.
Televison Lie
How do you know what you know? 
Many have said that sometimes more happens in one year, than in fifty more of them.  When one is acutely aware of our surroundings we would even say that just the daily developments are truly astonishing.  
Sure feels about right to anyone paying attention to anything other than the nonsense that has now infected our world and has most of this societies attention.  
Changes are taking place at an accelerated rate, changes that can never be reversed. 
Metaphysical Changes.
What is also understood is that history too has been convoluted, all of it.
” What is history? The Lie that everyone agrees upon”
What we also know to be certain is that if we do not comprehend and respect history, we will without a doubt repeat it. The best, and absolute worst of it as well. Never have we not repeated history, ever.
We already are, History is now.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

-Ecclesiastes 1:9

Anyone deep in these words that would like to market their product, idea or business I would encourage you to contact me.  If it is honorable and proves beneficial to our society exploding your business will be an understatement.


Gym Jessop

Building Champions L.L.C.


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