They Are Called Wisdom Teeth For A Reason

Let the TOOTH be known…

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We are very grateful to Dr. Dawn and Toby Ewing for inviting us into the their home and for participating in our film.

They are both very thoughtful people whom ought to be recognized as such.

What follows is excerpts from Dr. Dawns book that I am further commenting on.

Please know that we did not know Dr Dawn, nor her husband Toby prior to recently meeting them.  This synchronicity came about because of a genuine curiosity about another person.

There are no such things as coincidences.

The right and thoughtful unassuming perfect question was asked by Callie Ann.

Would we have soon enough found out such talent was so close, without question.  The difference is the timing in which it occurred.

That would be immediately.

Callie Ann:Parrot

Some of the sharper points of the information that follows is to not only edify those that do not know this material, but also to illustrate just how true the statement is;  the one that asserts,

~”that in which you seek is also seeking you.”

I would add to this however that one would have to be open, and aware of their surroundings for connections to occur and this truth to manifest itself.

Head up, mouth closed and eyes wide open with good intentions.

Those with whom we surround ourselves with is crucial on numerous levels as to that of our individual development as mindful and alert beings.

 Do select carefully.

People that truly know, all study, and at some point have immersed themselves in others work whom also truly know.  Recognition of facts and then sharing the logic within others work is how we pay respect to the constant struggles and triumphs of those before us.

Remembrance of Names.

Our Creators.

Speak well, or at least the truth of others and might they one day do the same for you.

Now back to great human resources for information in Dr. Dawn Ewing and her mentors work.

Again, we did not know of Dr. Dawn Ewing prior, and the point to the story, is that legitimate and accurate information does not change over time such as what is delivered in the sadly mainstream “sources.”  Please know we do not flip-flop and flounder around searching for a public relations line to pacify the non inquisitive and distracted masses, the sadly misinformed.

We do though, become more specifically detailed and affirmed in our convictions upon communicating with other thoughtful people.

Again, Who and What You Surround Yourself With is Paramount.


We know what we know backwards and forwards and all up and down the side and never do we stop expounding on our knowledge on anything as important as our health.  When I refer to we, I am referring to all those sharing factual knowledge like those that follow in this piece.

glaros forward

The above foreword to Let the TOOTH be known was written by William P. Glaros, DDS.

Mr. Glaros, whom was the past President of The American Academy of Biological Dentistry as I have recently discovered, is also a member of The International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology and a very sought after Wholistic and Biological dentist.  People come from all over the country, and world to see him I have also learned.

Of course we can see why.

He correctly writes of Ms. Ewing, “she is a human bridge to narrow the information gaps and personalize the facts.”

He obviously keeps very good company because the next person to write a preface in Dr. Dawns book is John Parks Trowbridge, M.D.

I did not know of him or his work until a few weeks ago either.

The larger point is his messages.

Below is what he prudently wrote.

drill fill bill logo

Those that know me well, know that I have been stating these same facts as above since my twenties.

Below, what we also found interesting is that in the man’s third paragraph he mentions The Weston A. Price Foundation.

weston price foundation

The Price Foundation was extremely instrumental in my own personal growth as I would read every newsletter and article they published on their website.

For those that may feel they need to challenge that there may, or may not be a need, or requirement for nutrients from the Animal Kingdom, we are aware this is debatable, however any point is moot in this particular context.


Weston A Price Foundation


Incidentally I was made first aware of these great individuals associated with the Price Foundation by an incredibly informed nurse sometime in 1999.  I was having a conversation with the person I was visiting in the hospital and the nurse said I sounded like her mentor.  Her mentor she said, was Dr. Weston Price whom I was unaware of at the time.  She was very sharp, as she was studying a better way as she was tired of all the unnecessary illness she witnessed about her hospital.

Certainly was she led in the right direction.

We became friends and I was able to learn much about many hospitals.

And then of course a few paragraphs later Dr. Trowbridge mentions those same raw materials that we always speak about called nutrients, the ones the human body and our minds require.


To Prosper.

sicker and sicker

The content below is what it is all about.

thankyou dr dawn

Paying homage and respect to others and their unique work and leaving behind a legacy.


On to Dr. Ewing and her gift when discovered and applied, to humanity.

dr dawn water

Chapter one, on the first page, and in her first few words she is already writing about the importance of water.  Right then I knew she is knowledgeable and informed.

 Not because she simply knows the vital importance of water, but as to how quickly it came to her mind and thoughts when writing about bettering ones health.

Because correctly purified water for your individual self is everything, it is the Genesis, or Crux, of Good Health.

It is you.

Required Processes in the human body completely stop without it.

The second page, still in her first few words she mentions something that again anyone that knows me has heard before.  As a matter of fact many used to always ask me why I sit in the dark in certain places.  Even in my twenties while trading the equities markets, every office I worked in, and the one I owned after, we had lights out and the energy was electric.

She summarizes what we know to be true below.

natural light

I will expound a bit and point out the prefix of the word fluorescent, such as in fluorescent bulbs, is FLUO, because this is a fluorine, or fluoride gas compound inside these cheap lighting units.  The same compounds that are in prescription medications, most all toothpaste and tap water, and the same ones that make up rodent poisoning almost in its entirety.

I know really strange.

No wonder people are so sensitive unwell and tired, these are life draining substances and this is why I will sit in the dark before I subject my body and mind to them.

Dr. Dawn’s entire book is full of affirmations as to how to become healthier and I recommend it to everyone.  More useful information is highlighted and she has yet nailed it again below.

Ms Tooth 1

Because of course as we know this awful affliction, like all neurological disorders have been always directly related to heavy metal poisoning.

Like Fluoride.

Ms. Dawn Ewing also knows that one of the answers to these issues is Chelation Therapy by someone whom is extremely qualified, and that may require several minds, and a lot of time together.

Extracting metals from where they should never be.

In case anyone feels heavier than normal.

We read on and then a certain name jumped off the page, and that would be the name Paracelsus.


Very wise and knowledgeable people speak of Paracelsus, and I will leave it at that for now.

 Ms. Ewing also knows her history as she states some very interesting facts about the dental world.

dawn ada logo

And lastly, she then writes of something that I have spent literally thousands of hours studying and emphasizing with my clients whom were wanting to relieve themselves of cellulite since I was 25.

Along with other things..

We start to rebuild collagen and eliminate cellulite by refusing to consume artificial food and rebuilding our copper stores, because copper is required to form collagen and elastin.

Collagen holds our skin together, and elastin keeps it tight.

Our defenses like copper, are being destroyed by all the toxins we are exposed to, particularly those vile substances that comprise all the very fun sounding “shots,” or, vaccines.

Greying hair, aneurysms, back and disc problems, and many other preventable issues are all results of copper deficiencies.

Why would anyone suppose we are now hearing that cartoons are talking about copper sources being depleted?

Maybe trying to share something and slip in a hint for anyone whom may be alert?

Of course I would never suggest turning on a television, much less having cartoons coming out of it.

All messages are in fact not good ones.

This is not instructions of any sort to start ingesting copper, most would have no idea as to what form, quantity, and what it works in tandem with.

Real Food Should Contain Real Copper


Like Mr. Toby Ewing stated that day, “we only know what we know, and we don’t know what we don’t know, we were taught to trust people we thought were professionals.”

These notes are not to romanticize myself, or anyone else for that matter.  We are all unique and wanting to help in any way we can.  Nor are these messages intended to point out anything other than, the things you do not know, can, and will in fact hurt you, and the sooner we know things the quicker we can all rightly adapt.

There is a reason they are called Wisdom Teeth see.

Imagine people in their fifties, all people, any age really, that still think fluoride is good for their teeth.

Better yet in infant water.

Some dentist still think this, although their numbers are dwindling, they would be laughing stocks if the topic were not so important.

Or that cholesterol is bad for them.

And very sadly seeing the recent articles and buffoons in television land claiming Mercury is now somehow good for our brains.

Complete Bizzaro World and at some point these entities will be held accountable.

The ones that realize truth and are doing nothing about it must feel miserable.

That is decade after decade after decade, of unknowingly ingesting things as toxic and not knowing about the most protective substance in the human body which is cholesterol.



Remember however it is not what is being told that is the worst of it.  That which is not being stated, intentionally left out, or even unknown or missed which is the most consequential.

Throw away the television and listen to the person right in front of you.

Ancient Wisdom Is All Around For Those Seeking It.



The current paradigm and phony reality is quickly shifting, finally, and I for one have been waiting for these days, it is excellent that they are now upon us.

Fantastical times lay ahead for the well learned and I know this with everything in me.

Peace to all those seeking it and thank you again Dr. Dawn, see you soon.


Might You All Remain Healthy And Strong.

For specialized solutions contact


This is not medical advice and should not be construed as such.  This is not instructions or advisement of any kind whatsoever.  This information is not intended, nor are we endeavoring to cure any dis ease.

 We Nutrify Ourselves and Let Our Bodies Do What it Was Intelligently Designed to Do.

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