Vitalism Revival Event

Greetings Everyone


50 of you will be receiving a personal invitation to a gathering we are having in the name of Vitalism. We know there is a tremendous amount of people interested of late in the idea of revitalizing themselves through nutrients and wisdom.

For this we are pleased to announce our Vitalism Revival Event, presented and brought to you by Jessop Ink, Building Champions L.L.C.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.02.34 AM

The event will be held in the beautiful setting pictured above and everyone whom attends will be made as comfortable as possible down to the seating arrangements which will provide plenty of personal space to accommodate everyone.

I will share with you now for those that may not know, we are experts at this. Lifelong vitalists and purveyors of unbound intelligence regarding the ascension of our minds and bodies. When I refer to we, I am describing all the great human beings prior whom’s accurate knowledge we are building upon.

All the unique and illustrious men and women of this world that have made this much learning possible.

From our family members, to our special friends and mentors, all having participated in forming these convictions, and We, are simply endeavoring to expound on the very trustworthy and necessary foundation that they all, have in fact created.

Ancient wisdom that has been with us the entire time that sadly not many at all are aware of or seeking anymore.

The ideas and intentions that I have studied my entire life are about vitalism and reversing the aging process, to be able to bring it to a standstill is exactly possible. The question is, how much as human beings are we willing to apply, and of course before we can apply, we must be first aware, and correctly informed.

I have absolutely never capitulated to the fallacy that this is the way things are, we are simply supposed to wear out, get old, lose our mental capacities and become unhealthy. This is the furthest thing from the truth everyone. Each and every one of us is able to have absolute control over how healthy we are at any given moment.

Anyone is able to improve their immediate condition, it matters not what they may be afflicted with.

Through effort and knowing.

We human beings are a magnanimous and Vital Life Force whom are intelligently designed as we are able to be limitless in our capabilities.

The meetings primary focus is to empower each and every one whom attends our event with ways to invigorate yourselves immediately, by super charging your health through knowing.

The information that will be respectfully presented will prove to be priceless to those whom apply even a fraction of these principles. We are going to enlighten each and every soul that comes with material that sadly an extremely small percentage of the entire world will ever know, truly a minuscule amount of our populace.

This is precisely what we are and have always been aspiring to change.

I look forward to seeing each of you there, and I mean that with utmost sincerity. Although I do not much interact on social media, what I have noticed is more of you are placing your precious time and attention on things that actually deserve it.

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter the least.” ~Goethe

We are all being called upon to help heal this great world.

I, as many have now concluded, the change we want to see in the world begins with each of us as unique individuals.

I have put a good amount of thought on who all we wanted to attend this meeting. There are many more we would like to have invited however the venue will only accommodate one hundred for the way we are organizing it. Everyone will be seated at large roundtables and each of you will be kindly taken care of.

Some of you may be surprised at who you find yourself sitting next to.

We are planning to start meeting every other week at the start of the new year as well, whomever may be interested please contact us at and write Vitalism Mission in the subject line.

A friend of mine owns the grounds yet it is still going to cost us several thousand dollars to host this meeting with the excellent food, juice, and drinks that will be provided.

This occasion will prove to be an extremely memorable one for all those whom are invited. I have known many of you for several years, some decades, and I am sharing with you now, you have not heard anything yet. It has always been difficult to articulate a great deal of information in a two hour training session. I will bring forth material that will prove to be completely authentic and factual as well as fantastical the deeper we get.

Because as we all must know by now real life is far stranger and infinitely more captivating than any work of fiction to paraphrase several, like William Randolph.

Who we are, why are we here, and where are we are going. These questions have kept me very busy and although I am no expert in anything, I study those and the work of those whom are. I feel I have a complete and somewhat thorough comprehension of a good portion of our story of existence and my plan is to share it with as many as possible over time.

Proper nourishment however is the Genesis of all Wisdom so this will forever be our primary focus.

Peace to all those seeking it and might you all remain accurately informed.

Enlighten the educated~Inspire the weary~Forever shall we Thrive

Building Champions L.L.C.

Texas State Champion



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