Is this your Water?


Shane Filtered Water

These images depict a public water source before filtration and the remnants, or particulate matter that would have made it into the home and bodies of one of our best friends and clients.

This is the city of Pearland, Texas and the public water supply that their family would have bathed in, water that they would have hydrated themselves and their animals with, and water they would have used to cook, and even clean with.

It is not our intention to ridicule the city of Pearland, or any other city or township for that matter, we are endeavoring to illustrate a very pervasive problem that our entire country is suffering from.

Apathy, in every sense of the term.

Please know the filter on the left is not  painted black in color, it started three months prior such as the white brand new one on the right.

Yes, only 3 months.

This home is in what would be deemed an affluent area of the city as well.  One can only imagine what the water supply looks like in areas that are not so well off, concerned or informed.  This couple began to make repeated calls to the city explaining to them that something was not right with the water as it was leaving large particles in their bath tubs, was completely discolored and had odors.

Their answer was that this is normal and this is fine, even after the water department came out, took notice and witnessed what this family was describing.  Of course this is not fine or normal to any rational human being, however this is what they were being told by evidently unconcerned so called officials from the water department.

Please also know that there are proven answers and solutions that are much more competent than ignoring or pretending everything is fine, and they are numerous.  However first, one would have to be aware there just might be a few problems.

This is not simply an isolated incident only plaguing Pearland as anyone will find when they begin to examine these matters.  There are reports in some cases of more than 100 chemicals and toxic substances in the public water supply being tested around the Nation.  We have colleagues and friends that are lighting water on fire as it comes out of the tap in some areas of the country.

What is disturbing is the water in the images below looks normal as there seems to be no discoloration and it flows fine.  Yet we know most all things are not what they appear.  Ingesting this chemically laden water would wreak havoc on our bodies and minds even if the symptoms do not manifest themselves right away, and the more unhealthy the person the worse they will be affected.

To the extent of my knowledge on this particular matter municipal water districts that distribute water to the public are required by the EPA to test the water once every twelve months and then report their findings publicly.  Although this information is not easy to find and who is really looking anyway besides the few of us that are labeled as being extreme.

What is extreme to many of us though is people drinking water that is being lit on fire.

RT:Fire water 1

Image Credit~RT.COM

And of course, the ill-informed answer and responses to this and other consequential matters is to post silly pictures.  Yes, images  along with listless, unmindful, yet seemingly reassuring, ridiculous memes.  Memes asserting that they have been drinking water out of hoses and taps since they were a kid and that they are just fine.

Water Memes

Image Credit~Social Media Memes


As if it is all the same today as it was back then.

Because what we certainly realize is, That Was Then, and This Is Now.

Surviving, and just barley is what many seem to be doing alright.  We are an obese an extremely ill Nation and getting worse would you not agree?  Perhaps the impure water just may have something to do with it.

Perhaps it is time for us as a collective to become aware of what we are ingesting and hydrating ourselves with.  Perhaps we need to test our water at our municipalities a bit more than the illogical once a year schedule in place presently.  Perhaps it is time to look into some of these things for yourself and share the importance of the consequences of not doing so with others.


The entire country seems to be medicated and unaware of anything at all other than sports scores and actors, exactly like the Romans mind you.
Sports scores and actors = Bread and Circuses = Distractions.

The Roman empires entire watering system known as the aqueducts were lined with heavy metals and other toxins that is now well known to have driven them Mad turning them into Narcissistic beasts.

Along with polluted water, we are also becoming the product, or result as a populace of all the atrocious petroleum based toxic chemical concoctions now sadly known as medicine.

The victims are also getting younger and younger, starting now in the mothers womb as all these impure things affect the unborn child as they pass through the mothers placenta and feed the unborn you see.

Amazing really to me people can still walk upright anymore as we continue to destroy our natural immune systems.

As that unique human quality quickly fades as well.

Do the images below look fine to and normal to everyone?

Cell Phone Zombies 1


Cell phone


Fortunately we are truly resilient beings and we possess the ability to reverse this scourge that has overcome us a people through the reclamation of our dominion as an illuminated species.

How about thriving in the stead of surviving?  But see when we replace the word survive in this one example with the term thrive the meme then becomes untrue.

These ignorant statements, such as drinking out of hoses and being fine and all those like them being sadly promulgated by the foolish and apathetic public and media must be recognized as such by the masses before it is just to late.

I do not use the term ignorant loosely, nor as a demeaning word choice.  Ignorant translates to, or is also synonymous with innocent, unaware, and uninformed.

Have any of these people done a seconds worth of research on the mental and physical state of our Nation?  Besides the perpetually repeated farce that we are living longer and have never been healthier being delivered and spoon fed to unsuspecting people doing google searches.

How about simply looking around and actually witnessing what we do regarding the ill health everyone seems to be afflicted with.

This is not normal no matter what anyone tells you.

We are not in Kansas anymore everyone.  Our story and legacy will most certainly not have a good ending unless and until you, and all those around you find it necessary to help by being part of the solutions, and not to continue to further exacerbate the many problems we all are confronted with.

We would like to also add that bottled water is not necessarily the answer either as this industry is not regulated in the least even to that of public tap water by the EPA.

Bottled Water Chemicals

EWG, or the Environmental Working Group noted the following.

~While municipal water companies are required to test tap water yearly and disclose the results, there is no comparable requirement for the bottled water industry. Bottled water companies do not have to test their water or reveal the results when they do; they are not even required to tell consumers where the water came from or how it has been treated. A separate EWG survey of 228 bottled water brands found that less than half revealed their water’s source or treatment history in their promotional materials.~

This is only a fraction of the issue.

Again, an entire society blindly trusting entities unbeknownst to them to protect and to look after their precious health and that of their loved ones.

We feel that most all people, companies, and official agencies are inherently good, however, we do not know what we do not know, mattering not how much colored paper is  amassed or how high the stock price rises of these enormous corporations.

Interestingly many of the water studies are conducted at the Goethe University in Germany.

In addition,

The Pacific Institute found that the equivalent of 32-54 million barrels of oil are used in one year by the bottled water industry alone.

A Plastic World.

We are becoming a literal wasteland of plastics with all these gadgets, you know, “toys.”  Our landfills, oceans, rivers and streams, all disgraced with this rubbish that children find interesting for a few minutes.  All these worthless trinkets that are made up in their entirety of these endocrine destroying plastic residues that leech directly back into our water table and into homes like this one in Pearland, Texas.


Bottled Water :Pepsi Admits


I have learned a tremendous amount throughout my life paying extremely close attention to the behavior of animals, particularly dogs.  Intently watching them before they ingest something be it water or food really tells a big story.  In every instance they display something that very few humans seem to, and that is most all animals seem to qualify or analyze the food they are about to take nourishment from, even the starving ones.

They do not immediately ingest anything without inspecting it first, even when it is delivered by those that love them.

We do not have all the answers, yet we do know it begins with knowing and becoming accurately informed.  One thing we are absolutely certain of however, and that is Purified water is crucial to our health.

Let them know will you?

Peace and lasting harmony to all those seeking it, the answers dwell inside each and every one of us, and it is in fact up to us to leave this world a better place than when we first entered into it.

~Jessop 2014


For specialized and unique solutions to these issues and countless more kindly contact


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