Deliver Kindness

Water Mountain


Might we cherish this day rather than the left brained adage that implies we should seize it.

Like Sade and many others sing about.

Why is it do you suppose that all the left brained mottos take hold?

To seize implies taking, Cherishing or Embracing signifies Appreciation.

It is the right hemisphere, or side of the mind known to be the female aspect of our positions.

Right where we get our intuition from.

Might we all pay homage and respect to every being around us or that we are fortunate enough to interact with on this day we have yet again been honored with.

Chilly Ann UnhealthyChilly Ann Healthy

Ms. Chilly Ann Malek

Elevate all that surrounds.

We know that many illustrious beings deem exactly now as the time for all times. Even more, feel it is precisely now that the masses awaken and become conscious of reality, or fall prey to the false ones. More is said to be taking place in one year now, than in the past fifty combined. When you truly want to know what is and has been taking place, not history, (his/her story), acquaint yourself with empowering information that everyone ought be privy to.

As the Egyptian proverb profoundly asserts, “the kingdom of heaven is inside each and every one of us, ” and as many more are now discovering, the truth, or at least the search for it, sets us free.

“The future depends on what we do today.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

You can do anything you want to while being anything you want to be. Anything, and all things are possible with good souls around us, and the delicious truth on our side.

Deliver Kindness.

~Jessop Book

 November 2014



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