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Cellulite is not a genetic malady or disorder.


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Cellulite is not a genetic problem.

You do not have cellulite because your mother and grandmother have cellulite.

The only thing that could possibly be hereditary with cellulite is having the same dietary habits as others whom also have acquired it.

If you have cellulite it is because you have a connective tissue breakdown caused from a nutritional deficiency.  As cellulite is the manifestation, or symptomatic of toxic conditions in the body.  Of course this is easily reversible and correctable with the application of factual information.

Cellulite, spider veins, and varicose veins are all caused when there is a connective tissue breakdown and weakened blood vessels.  These breakdowns are caused by being deficient in very specific nutrients,  particularly copper, tyrosine, selenium, and Vitamin C.

Connective tissue breakdown occurs when the individual cells are being dehydrated, or starved of nutrients~mineral rich salts, vitamins, and sunlight.  It has been proven the human organism requires 91-93 fundamental nutrients to efficiently function at optimal levels.

Interestingly enough the same 93 nutrients that compose the waters of the oceans.  Of course this is why sea water was used in human blood transfusions during the awful wars at sea.  Human beings are made up of almost in our entirety, and in exact proportion as sea water.

Like a pregnant women’s uterus.

But salt is bad for us right?

A half truth is still a whole lie.

We are salt, or should be.

There is an enormously fascinating story here that has multiple layers and that does not ever seem to end.

Any person on this planet that tells you that salt is bad for you has absolutely no idea what they are speaking about.  And this is because they have only received or realized a very small part of the science.

What most people believe to be salt is not salt at all.  

It is typically two of the most harsh minerals on the earth, sodium and chloride.  These two minerals although crucial for life are in an unbalanced form when bleached and bottled up this way.  This is not the way salts are found in nature, but they do happen to be the first two minerals that crystallize during the evaporation process.

All about convenience and everyone is in a hurry remember!

When we ingest these two minerals in their unnatural state or unbalanced form so to will we be, unbalanced and unnatural.  Lastly for now regarding salt is please know that we cannot digest food without sodium and salts, and chloride makes up the hydrochloric acid which should be in our stomachs which breaks down our nutrients, exactly where we get our good health and energy.

Real salts “unlock” real nutrients.

And of course so to does the large disc in the sky known as the life-giver, or Sun.

So a low salt, or even worse, no salt diet will make you ill and put you to sleep.

Again this is a reference to real salts, not the .69 cents a pound so-called salt that contains only two minerals and maybe some glass and sand, or silica.  And not ordinary sea salts either.  I will suggest that these are even worse now than table salts depending upon what ocean they are derived from.

Everything goes back to the definition of terms and words.

Just because it implies on the package sea salt, this does not mean it is full of minerals.

Ask yourself how is it possible what so many people perceive to be salt is in fact not what we know to be salt at all.

Please know there are many caveats to what is written here, such as I am not suggesting to drink sea water obviously, or please know that too much vitamin c depletes copper, because vitamin c requires an abundance of oxygen, or that copious amounts of copper in the wrong form, can be toxic.  Even as to when to take mineral supplements and what specific brands, etc, etc, etc.

What appears on the outside, or our skin, is directly related as to what we put into our mouths.  Our skin health and the appearance of it is absolutely akin to what we ingest.  The way we look and feel, even the way we interact with others is unequivocally connected to what we consume, or even what we are consumed with.

Cell Phone Zombie

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The word consumption also is used to describe tuberculosis.

Two of the main building blocks of our skin are collagen and elastin.  Elastin allows for the stretching or elasticity of the skin, and the collagen is the amino acids that create our connective tissue.  When we do not have the proper nutrients such as purified water, Vitamin c, cholesterol, and Omega Fatty Acids, the body cannot build collagen.  This causes erosion, or degradation of the tissue which allows the membrane to stretch.  This deprivation of vital nutrients induces toxins to appear at the surface of the  skin, resulting in these issues.

Cholesterol Nation

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Essentially these problems depict an indication of a toxic disposition in the human body and the solution is essential nutrients and eliminating things that do not honor the human body and mind.

These vital nutrients keep our skin-tight and vibrant.

Chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, glyphosates, genetically modified organisms, and preservatives like hydrogenated oils in the “natural” products, are rife with heavy metals and genetically modified substances that are devoid of any nutritional value.  These known toxins will also compete at the cellular level for sustenance with any real nutrients that may be present in these food like substances.

It is so incredibly vital that our society begin to take notice as to what they are ingesting, to then further finally realize the multitude of toxins they are being exposed to if we are to have any future whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.10.48 PM

Image Credit~ Likesuccess.com

The human body is an especially wise regenerative system which is intelligently designed to thrive when supplied with the raw materials, or nutrients it needs.

For this to occur however we must begin to accept the fact that most all the information that most people are privy to is completely inaccurate, such as cellulite and every other health issue being incorrectly labeled as hereditary.

The farce that illness is genetic must be rebuked, properly explained, and comprehension will then need to occur.

However this author does in fact believe it is entirely possible for society to catch up to this fallacy and be completely genetically modified to the point of no return.

So yes eventually everything will be genetic if we stay this course.

Because make no mistake about it, DNA is being damaged and the body is unable to heal, correct or rebuild with inferior materials such as artificial ingredients, artificial light, genetically modified organisms, impure water, table salt, glyphosates, etc.

The devil as it goes, is in the details and what is not being stated, not what is.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”

Hosea 4:6

Notice: This is not medical advice and should not be construed as such.  These are not instructions of any sort.  We do not treat illness or dis ease, we nutrify the human body and mind with super foods and documented facts and we do this extremely well.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

In Excellent Health,


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