Attitude Matters

It matters not how cumbersome or challenging our lives become.

What matters is others are far worse off than most could ever imagine being.


It does me well to remind myself of this universal truth.

The attitude we embrace and then further emanate is in fact one of the answers.

Attitude is everything and it is all things.

And what follows is partly why.

Please know not one person in the world has ever told me this, nor did I read it somewhere.

The 1981 Merriam Webster Dictionary implies some of the story, although it is left up to us to connect the dots.

Whether the Merriam company knew it or not is debatable.

Researching words and the true origins of them has served me very well.


1: the arrangement of the parts of the body or figure: POSTURE  2 a: a mental position with regard to a fact or state 3 : a position assumed for a specific purpose 4: an organismic state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus 5:  the position of an aircraft or spacecraft determined by the relationship between its axes and a reference datum (as the horizon or a particular star)

The arrangement of parts of the body or figure.

I would add inside the body as well, especially in the body because this is where illumination begins, or not.

Illumination actually begins with the Sun, but for the context of this material the aforementioned statement will suffice.

The arrangement of parts inside the body is attitude.  What arranges these “parts” is the photon energy we receive from the Sun and what we fuel ourselves with by way of food and hydration.

When you ingest or partake in inferior ingredients, or worse yet, artificial food like substances or chemicals, these “parts”, your cells, become maligned or unable to communicate amongst themselves.  Therein lies many problems, from not being able to think as clearly to the worst of all health problems.

All things return to nutrition.

Do not be fooled or misinformed by those that have obtained just enough talking points of  harmful propaganda to pacify the masses that are unaware of these facts.

Ask the right questions.

Number 5 in the definition above is very telling as well.

A particular star.

See our spines are upright for a reason.

Because they align with the stars, and the more pronounced and upright our posture is, the stronger and more virile we become.

This is because we have inside us what is termed cerebrospinal fluid, and this precious oil must be able to travel freely and unabated from our sacrum, or, our most sacred place to the top of our spinal column;  To our 33rd vertebrae where it is “christened,” and then on to our pineal glands where more magic is known to occur.

It is an absolute must that we keep this oil pure and clean.

The true, sacred biochemistry and science we were sadly never taught in school.

Slouching is for cellular phone addicts.

Posture is everything and so too is connectivity to righteous things.

Because we are connected to a higher power, just as the earth is connected to a higher power and all the planets in the galaxies are so as well.

Even mainstream science is now beginning to affirm these things, however very discreetly.

“For success, attitude is equally important as ability.”

~Walter Scott

Our thoughts, much like the words we speak, are able to reconfigure the molecular structure of the water in our bodies which has the ability to affect every aspect of our health.  The structure and the purity of this water inside your body is crucial to your well-being.  This is truly what thoughts and words do. Build and strengthen, or degrade and weaken by creating acidic conditions inside the bodies of both the one doing the verbalizing, and perhaps more importantly those that are being spoken to.

Vulgarity and profane language is a curse that is being perpetuated by those whom must be unaware of the above facts.

So imagine now a pet or human being spoken to with filthy or vulgar language that show such ignorance of a better word choice.

Our beliefs create our thoughts, our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions, to echo Mahatma Gandhi.

  For anyone whom may not be so sure of what thoughts are able to do to water, which as you know makes up human beings almost in our entirety, may ought to consider reading the book below.

Masaru Emoto Book

~Dr. Emoto will be live soon where you will find information such as this by way of articles and live talks with truly remarkable people.

Unbelievable personalities.

Beyond belief, as George Noory declares.

Stand up strong and refuse to lose or follow the misled. Lead only never capitulating to fear, because this life is simply a rehearsal for the greatness that can become us next.

 Correctly purified water and receiving enough of the life giving energy from the Sun is a good start.

Unbound consciousness awaits those seeking it.


Might Peace Reign

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”.

~Max Planck

Known as the father of quantum physics.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

For specialized physical training and unequalled nutritional services kindly contact us.



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