Fuel Plans

We offer unparalleled nutritional plans that are structured and tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We realize that although each one of us is entirely unique, all human beings must absorb 90 essential, or vital nutrients for our bodies and minds to perform optimally.

Fit Farm Lettuce Wraps

We know that vitamins, mineral rich salts, purified water, and the electricity we as human beings are comprised of are depleted by stress, and the way the human body and mind copes with, or manages tensions, all tensions, even thinking, are these very nutrients.

We must continually replenish ourselves with the correct fuels.


What we would like for each of you to know if you do not already is that our food and water supply has been adulterated by enormous chemical corporations masquerading as food companies. Hence, when we as a people partake in these modified food like substances we become inflamed, allergy ridden, ill, and dehydrated, as most commercially driven so-called food products are devoid of precious nutrients which leave us susceptible to these ailments.

We provide proven solutions in these matters and so many more.

What is extremely important for anyone seeking to elevate their health and performance is to discover what they are uniquely, and often-times uniformly deficient in, and then replace those specific nutrients with proper food or supplementation. Although proper human nutrition is a very complex subject, ascertaining what an individual is deficient in, is not. This simply requires time and persistent communication about past dietary habits and routines.

With our nutritional services our clients are assured that the fuel they are ingesting is truly the finest organic and non modified ingredients available.  The food and and supplements we recommend are sourced from local farmers and formulators whom we trust entirely to never use toxic pesticides, inferior ingredients, or irradiate their crops.

We offer this service to our clients whom truly want to make monumental changes in the way they feel and perform on a daily basis. What we have found over the course of a lifetime of studies and working with clients is that you, and you alone are your best health care provider.

As we all know there are infinite levels of comprehension when communicating about even the most basic of things. When we speak about, or convey information to our clients regarding human nutrition, we make certain even the most minute details are discussed and completely understood.

We strive to elevate the level of health of all that surround us, and we want nothing but the best for our society.

Proper Human Nutrition is The Origin of Knowing and we are one of the progenitors of the Organic Movement.

In Excellent Health,

Kyle Jessop


For specialized physical training and unequalled nutritional services kindly contact us at gymjessop@yahoo.com


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