Why is everywhere 7?

Old number 7 was an article that was written first over 4 years ago.  We now have some more truly astonishing information to add regarding this magical numeral that is 7.

You decide.

Of course as everyone should know by now the election of Donald J. Trump was predicted with precision on The Simpson’s so called comedy program, only it was back in the year 2000.

Probably just another coincidence.

It would do the reader  well to comprehend even a fraction of this subject matter to read thoroughly the initial information provided in the older number 7 piece.  The link is below.


7 Seth

What the cartoon though did not seem to predict is the following information that we have since discovered.

This message is an excerpt out of some of the more topical points, I will add more soon.

President elect Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated into office on January 20, 2017.

On that day Mr. Trump will be aged 70 years, 7 months, and you might have surmised if you were really in tune, 7 days old.


It gets better.

Of course he does not officially hold the title of President of the United States until the following day which is January 21.

Which is again is, 7X3,  or 7-7-7.


This is just scratching the surface.  Much more profound material will be in my book that will be published soon.

It all goes far deeper than anyone can possibly imagine, and I am blessed to realize the more that is learned, is the more I realize I know nothing, to echo Albert Einstein.

“That in which you seek is also seeking you”


A  Lifetime of reading now it is time to write some.

Seven Blessings to those deep in these words.