Soul Music

Increase the volume and enjoy the way music sounded prior to the usurpation of all things evil which has seemingly now infected every last bit of the modern music industry.

Blessed are those that are able to still hear music like this on another beautiful day.

Always has our story been in the lyrics of good music.

Background Musical Numbers Wall Art Mural Music

It has been written that there are numbers encoded in our DNA and of course music is another form of numbers.

“Hold the secrets close I hear you say”.

“Is it honey. Is it gold?

4 minutes and 13 seconds of pure knowledge for those that will choose to discover a deeper meaning of his words and the depicted imagery.

It would be physically impossible to intently listen and read the words of the entire song and not feel moved by a higher power. I mean refreshing chill bumps and all.

Is it the subject matter?

The spirit in the songs of old?

Cuts You Up

“You know the way it goes about

It takes you in and spits you out

It spits you out when you desire

To Conquer It

To Feel You’re Higher

To Follow It you must be Clean”

~Peter Murphy

To feel your higher what?

Calling maybe?

We are right at the cusp of overturning the vile nature that has been endeavoring to dominate this world for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Perhaps even since the inception of what we know to be time itself.

The way we prevail is through applied wisdom and to call things exactly what the actions have proven.  Do parse words and seek reason all the while Living by the Golden Creed, which I feel is to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves.

We thank all the great men, women, and our families that have gone before us to show us the way, because it is for them we have a foundation to build upon.

Remembering The Names



On the Roman Calendar

Valhalla logo


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