Jessop Ink

Bio: A magnificent time to be alive, is right now. It is known that things are occurring in this universe that not only, have never taken place prior, but never will again, ever. And they are completely intertwined and numerous, this is mesmerizing intelligence. The alignments of the celestial bodies, the numerology and dates, the legends, the wise, the good books, the intentions of others, our story is in them all. Many of us want to contribute to this story, our life, and not have it written for us, especially by those that have been misinformed. We want to build, create, and continue to ascend. Our story is just that, “ours,” and our stories, or lives can abruptly change, for the better, or even for much worse. Our blueprint, our future, which is truly our past, is rightly there for anyone to discover. It is crystal clear as to our place in human history if the masses continue to occupy themselves with distractions. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy, the matter is the outcome. We all in fact, are the matter. Many illustrious beings deem exactly now as the time for all times. Even more, feel it is precisely now that the masses awaken and become conscious of reality, or it will not be again anything. More is said to be taking place in one year now, than in the past fifty combined. When you truly want to know what is and has been taking place, not history, (his/her story), acquaint yourself with the information we are providing here at jessopink.com. As the Egyptian proverb correctly asserts, the kingdom of heaven is inside each and every one of us, and as many more are now discovering, the truth, or at least the search for it, sets us free. You can do anything you want to while being anything you want to be. Anything, and all things are possible with good souls around us, and the delicious truth on our side. “Wisdom is found only in truth.’ -Wolfgang von Goethe

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