Greetings Champions

We are all Champions simply by making it this far.

Estimated launch of will be Christmas Day, December 25th also known as the Winter Solstice.

For those of you that may like a bit more substance on your homepage in place of all the left brained, superfluous and laughably predictable manufactured material displayed on almost every site.

The ones that house free email being numero uno.

Soon we will be activating a Jessop Ink Facebook page also.

The Jessop Ink face-book page will be a tool for those seeking knowledge about the incredible world in which we live presently and what may become us next.

Because our story is indeed divine.

William Randolph Fiction

We will respectfully illustrate the difference between and the rest while looking forward to showing people just what exactly they are absorbing from these seemingly innocuous landing pages, social media included.

Stories and material at Jessop Ink will prove to be compelling as well as fantastical.  The content and headlines will be entirely unique as the words in them, yet one ought to find very common threads amongst the works.

A sadly hidden history, and Great Human Beings that think alike but yet are so unique.

I do not have a team of writers handing me material and information as yet, nor a large budget, any budget at all for that matter.  A budget to do all the incredibly great things we want to do in our communities starting with cleaning up the water supply to our schools and hospitals, yet we are moving closer.  As we gain more traction and assistance we will also help build and create the most well respected animal shelter there ever has been.

Because it is all about the animals, or helping the defenseless.

Please do not take my word for it.

Gandhi Animals

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An honorable animal shelter where solutions are taught, so the problems these shelters face today will cease to exist when the answers are implemented, instead of continuing to worsen because we here, concentrate on solution think.

What we do have however in the stead of a budget is teammates and good souls around us that have helped, and in ways allowed me to continue to work and proceed with studying.

I have continuously, from as far back as I can remember placed myself directly in the middle of greatness.  Blessed will be those whom will familiarize themselves thoroughly with the elusive messages delivered by our fellow human beings and the work left behind by our Great Ancestors.

Seek the absolute best when you want to know a thing.

The minds we have studied and continue to learn from are the most intelligently enlightened beings in the entire world.

Names that will be remembered for all time.

We are blessed to have close to 6,000 people this month visit our page.  We are in so many different countries now the entire map is colored blue and the list continues to grow daily, city by city, and county by county.

Seems we are resonating with more and more.

Country Blue List

Screen Shot Countries August 2015

  Jessop Ink will share a variety of information regarding numerous subjects, however the fundamental principle, or the entire essence of what we are is embedded in proper human nutrition.  This has always been, and will forever remain the primary focus as it must, because proper nourishment is the genesis of knowing.

Knowing anything really.

Nutrition and proper hydration has absolutely everything to do with how you feel, at all times and every moment.

We know without any question whatsoever, that what you ingest has an insurmountable amount of relationships as to that of the way you feel and the actions we then display.

Over 6000 people in a month.

Over 4000 views to

Jessop Ink has also been indexed by the future of search engines which we will announce shortly.

Wait until the marketing begins.

Worldwide with your assistance.

Thank you to all those who continue to share the information and not keeping it to oneself.

As Alan Watt kindly says,

“Where you go, may your God or Gods go with you.”

Jeesop Mug Author



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