Eyes Wide Open


Of course Eyes Wide Open is the exact opposite assertion to that of Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut.

Stanley Kubrick and countless others have all left behind for us much foresight with their work for those looking


”Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Again the term ignorance being used by a person such as Goethe that has obtained his type of notoriety is surely not meant to be disrespectful to others. We know that the word ignorance is also synonymous with unaware, innocent, or as even being unfamiliar with something.

As he knew this as well.

Mental giants such as this do not need to chastise others to solidify their ascendency and the legacy they leave behind.

The answers are all around us waiting to be discovered, and what I have found is the closer we get to unabated wisdom our vision becomes even that much more detailed and clear as we approach.

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Our focus improves immensely and becomes exceptionally vivid, even luminous.

Study the obscure books because in fact terrible wars, and even worse, if there could be such a thing, have been started over them due to the messages they entail. Books once were cherished and adored for these reasons and many more such as revealing, and even being able to alter our future in this life and the one after.

Perhaps when more of us study them the further peace will rise and then welcomingly Reign.

People were labeled Wizards in the past for reading the books of others.

There is a higher dimensional plan that was set in motion long ago, and I, as many others feel if we do not become privy to the scheme, we are sure to fall prey to it.

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Extremely enlightened people such as Goethe constantly wrote and spoke of these things continuously.

Study the wise and realize how little you know as I have.

Our Future is Now and how beautiful it is to be alive and sensing every part of it.



December 2015