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We are very excited to now have Dr. Gary Tunsky, Naturopathic Physician and the Author of the best-selling book “The Battle for Health is over ph,” and the creator of the video series “What in the cell is going on?” as a part of our documentary film and as a regular guest on our live radio podcast we are bringing on-line presently.  Mr. Tunsky was also part of our deep past from the late 1980’s. The old school world gym on Richmond days, back in the Red Pepper restaurant times and two a day training sessions.  Although we did not know him personally at the time, he has recently brought up several names that we know very well.

Truly old school friends, but not real old!

He also worked with several of our closest training partners, top physique and strength athletes preparing for some of the largest shows in the world in the 1990’s.

His focus since then has changed somewhat although wellness and correct information is still his forte.  The video below was at a knowledge conference where some of the most unique individuals in the world gathered to deliver their messages.

He and his extremely informed wife are on the exact same mission we are on which is to empower every single person around us with accurate information regarding wellness and longevity.  To further collaborate and inform others on the absolute miracle that is the human body and mind.  Dr. Tunsky and his wife are some of the most informed people I have ever had the opportunity to speak with, read about, or learned from, and we look ahead to some more great talks in the future.  They both correctly realize that the path to enlightenment and vitality begins with proper human nutrition and they too know unbound awareness is impossible without it.

 It is synchronicity that has brought us together, because that in which you seek is also seeking you, to paraphrase Rumi.

Dr. Tunsky:Wife:Callie


We thank the Tunsky’s for their integral role in helping to shift the false paradigm that society has been subjected to over the course of the last several thousand years.

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“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  This was written in 1852 by Victor Hugo in a book titled History of a Crime which sums up the awakening, and the speed at which it is presently occurring very well.

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