Emphatic Lessons Of The Heart

Jessop Shield revise

Warm Greetings All

What is becoming perfectly obvious, is all the good that is occurring for myself and many others presently, is directly the result of genuine curiosity, along with an unconscious effort to give every fiber of my being to the moment, whether it be with friends and family, or to any and all animals.

The more caring and nurturing we become for that which can seemingly never do anything for us, and to do so unknowingly, and without agendas, the more this universe and our creator will continue to bless.  As every last one aware of this truth, will attest to.

The secret is not a secret, it is Giving.

Giving that what is most precious to each of us.

The Heart is an absolutely marvelous muscle to study and become more aware of.

Ueshiba Bow

-The Father of Aikido

Meet Sir Porsche if you please,

Patch Unhappy

he had about another day or two to survive when he deliriously ran out in front of the car on a major street at midnight.  He was in bad shape, he was bleeding and missing the lens of one of his eyes, and the inside of his mouth was almost solid white from mineral deficiencies, particularly iron.  In no way is this author recommending Iron to everyone, more than likely iron would be the last thing most people these days need. This k-9 needed it though.  His paws, nails, legs, all were discolored, yellow and toxic from lack of clean water and more than likely standing in filthy places to stay cool in the extreme heat at the time.

And on and on, he was in a terrible position.

 Getting worse because he was almost struck.

What you are thinking about you are becoming.

-The Greatest, Cassius Clay

Patch :Callie

Street Dog

It took him three days for his spirit to come back and to come out of the fetal position and realize he was no longer in danger.

This is what he is thinking about now.

Patch PlayingIMG_0191

So this he now becomes.


There was zero time to take yet another life on for me, yet it occurred and there was no way he was not going to be helped.

Notice not only the life now behind his eyes but even the colors of his paws and nails, to the distinct black and white markings on his head now even becoming more pronounced as time passes.  He has a different energy field around him now, one where he cannot help but to shine.

Essential Nutrients and Love, which are really one in the same.

Blessings have come back in ways that are insurmountable to describe, at least for this time.

Patch Sleep

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” 


This next one is Chilly Ann, a good friend called and asked that I help her with a dog she found freezing by the woods.  As anyone can see from the pictures she had not but another day or two to live as well.

The intensity behind the eyes of this girl tells it all, she needed help, and one of the best human beings in the world whom is my dear friend, gave it to her.  She had things to do, was in a hurry, already had two others pets at home, a baby girl, and a husband in the Sheriff’s department who works long hours keeping the peace.

She is busy as well.

Chilly Ann Found

Much good is occurring in this families life now as they are being blessed with another baby girl.  Angelina and her friends have also recently founded, and are currently directing an organization called Salvation Stylist’s.  Again, the images show it all and their mission is the Name.

salvation stylist 2Yamil


 Coaching, consoling and sharing how to think more clearly while reversing the aging process.

Giving more purpose to every life.

How profoundly easy it is to becoming healthier and stronger as we grow older in the stead of decaying unnecessarily.

Chilly Ann included.

Chilly Ann 1 Pretty Chilly

Chilly LenaChilly and nephew

Baby Lena MalekAngelina Bag Squat 2014

Who’s to say that every blessing bestowed unto them was not directly related to the kindness displayed by Angelina and family.  Always giving everything of herself to assist others, or something else, even when she felt that it would not be possible.

In no way could this one, the feeling of right is far to strong.

chilli ann kisses

Lastly, this a friends cat that was attacked by a dog due to humans not paying attention to things other than themselves, not observing their surroundings, or that in which they are putting others in.  There are many reasons for this, yet it is not entirely our fault.  This one was by far the worst.  He had a punctured lung and stomach, dislocated jaw, he was defecating on himself, bleeding from his mouth and coughing all this up while lying limp on the deck by the pool.  This is what was left of Spencer by the time we broke up the fight.

Spencer’s ability to make an audible noise had been taken from him a while back from another dog prior.  He did though, manage an ever so slight groan that I heard, still not completely sure how.

Another few seconds is really all Spencer had.  We spent the rest of the night with the him literally staring into eyes that would fade in and out.  My friend helped him the next several weeks, continually feeding him by hand spoons of coconut oil, eggs, and water with mineral rich salt.  Spencer’s body healed itself, because that is what our bodies are designed to do.

Perfectly healthy again is Spencer, the only lasting scar is the jaw where we reset it.  If you look close it actually causes the awry, or crooked smile.

Big Spencer is positively more aware of his surroundings these days, but his face in the picture below speaks volumes as to how he is feeling now!


Spencer did all this without a voice and also incredibly without claws, another human error, and sadly a typical learned repetitive mistake.

That night Spencer, as did the others decided they wanted to live and never gave up, they never caved in no matter how intense the pressure became.

The same types of pressure that in fact creates diamonds.

One of the hardest substances on the planet.


Spending precious, what we perceive to be time and paying extremely close attention to the movements and mannerisms of animals, has taught me more than any university or book thus far.  Although these wonderful lessons are in the words and intentions of all the great writings, actually witnessing, or seeing this magnanimous personality that animals display is next to impossible to articulate, especially in only a few words.

The essence of our pets, what they are comprised of is what is elemental to heal this planet.  This altruism, or selflessness that most all animals display, is, and has always been the answer.  It is truly amazing what animals and all of nature has done for me personally.

I know without question this to be true, I owe it all to them, good friends, and family.

So I will continue to give it my all for the rest of my life.

All of it.

Talk about soaring.

Menace Bag

Menace Ray Jessop, son to Iron Champ Ray Jessop and My Blue Sonja, followed by Big Koozia, the Jessop Gym Feline.

champ grass

sonia leaves

Koozia BarbellKoozia Jessop

Rest in Peace Koozia Jessop, you were awesome.

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