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None of the information presented, shared, or distributed by Jessop, or, should be construed as medical advice or anything similar.  The intelligence provided although thoroughly researched, is not intended to be instructions of any sort.  The information within this site is not meant to treat or cure any disease or ailment.  As always, consult with a qualified professional prior to making changes to ones current lifestyle.

The postings in all forms, by way of reports, commentaries, articles, documents, links etc, (embedded or otherwise) does not in any way, shape or form, necessarily express endorsement or support of the posted material therein.

The bevy of facts, viewpoints, conjecture, opinions, analyses and information in the stories and commentaries posted on this site, range from current issues to historical data that may prove to be disturbing and perhaps difficult to digest for some.

However, during these tumultuous times we feel that it is necessary to illuminate this type of information in so that we as a collective are able to ascertain some semblance of truth on consequential matters.  We believe in the discernment capabilities and wisdom of our visitors to deduce what they will from the presented material.

Jessop Ink .com invites and encourages rebuttals and all thoughtful responses on any topics of discussion or articles.  Everything within that is expressed or implied is protected under our freedom of speech and we reserve this rite, as not a privilege, but as a fundamental human entitlement that is elemental to our personal individual liberties.

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I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.


May the good spirit bless each and every one of you.

Thank you for reading.

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