Why is everywhere 7?

Old number 7 was an article that was written first over 4 years ago.  We now have some more truly astonishing information to add regarding this magical numeral that is 7.

You decide.

Of course as everyone should know by now the election of Donald J. Trump was predicted with precision on The Simpson’s so called comedy program, only it was back in the year 2000.

Probably just another coincidence.

It would do the reader  well to comprehend even a fraction of this subject matter to read thoroughly the initial information provided in the older number 7 piece.  The link is below.


7 Seth

What the cartoon though did not seem to predict is the following information that we have since discovered.

This message is an excerpt out of some of the more topical points, I will add more soon.

President elect Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated into office on January 20, 2017.

On that day Mr. Trump will be aged 70 years, 7 months, and you might have surmised if you were really in tune, 7 days old.


It gets better.

Of course he does not officially hold the title of President of the United States until the following day which is January 21.

Which is again is, 7X3,  or 7-7-7.


This is just scratching the surface.  Much more profound material will be in my book that will be published soon.

It all goes far deeper than anyone can possibly imagine, and I am blessed to realize the more that is learned, is the more I realize I know nothing, to echo Albert Einstein.

“That in which you seek is also seeking you”


A  Lifetime of reading now it is time to write some.

Seven Blessings to those deep in these words.







The Miracle That Is Potassium

If one were to take a plant and burn it to ash, and then take that ash and boil and evaporate it, the residue would be pot ash.

Our extremely resourceful ancestors did just this.  They once gathered plants, burned them, then took the ash, the pot ash; boiled and evaporated it for the residue to make soap, which everyone knows to be a cleansing agent, an alkalizer, antacid, or neutralizer.

Much later in 1807 the element garnered, or collected from this pot ash, became known as Pot-ash-ium, or, Potassium.


Image Credit Flickr.com

Every single vitamin and mineral has a story just as interesting, and there is nothing more fascinating because we are these elements, and they are the very essence of human beings.


Image Credit~picserver.org

Organic raw honey is replete with life enhancing potassium.

“It is no mere theory but has been proved that bacteria cannot live in the presence of honey for the reason that honey is an excellent source of potassium.”
Pg. 95 Folk Medicine,D.C. Jarvis M.D.

This is due to the fact that potassium much like magnesium has an insatiable, or unending hunger for water thus dehydrating the bacterium to its demise.

Interestingly enough, although bananas contain some potassium they are far from an adequate source for someone seeking more of this essential nutrient.  This was simply another clever marketing campaign.  The most concentrated bio-available forms are from plants, or organic greens, beans, tomatoes, dates, and of course my favorite, organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother.”

The information in the images below however concerning, was published in both the New England Journal of Medicine and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


The summary of the above information is that less than 2% of American adults receive even the bare minimum “recommended” intake of potassium today.

Imagine now the children and what they receive.


The typical American now seems to take in less than a 1/4 percent of what our ancestors did.

“Every cell in our bodies requires potassium to function”
~Dr. Micheal Greger M.D.

It has been stated and written by numerous others that there are four vital elements required for life and they are Oxygen, Water, Sodium, and Potassium.

The largest concentration of any mineral inside our cells is, or should be, Potassium.  Potassium is essential for life and when enough potassium is absent from the body, we swell, because too much sodium alone enters the cell which of course is where one would get high blood pressure.

 Low potassium levels also equate to pain because without enough potassium the body will inevitably have no, or low levels of the crucial circulating steroid hormones known as glucocorticoids.

I now have just described the symptomatology of arthritis.

By the way Cholesterol is the precursor, or initial building block of all steroid hormones such as glucocorticoids.

“Vermont folk medicine holds potassium to be the most important mineral, in fact the key mineral in the constellation of minerals.  It is so essential to the life of every living thing that without it there would be no life.”
Page 57 Folk Medicine ~D.C. Jarvis M.D.

Mother Nature has provided for us what we need to thrive and most of it is in what we know to be plants.

When we ingest food we are consuming information.  Information that can build and strengthen or degrade and weaken.

This is OUR DNA and I say we protect it.

“A real scientist is someone who is infinitely curious and humble at the same time.  A real scientist is someone who asks questions of nature, then humbly waits for the answer.”
~Mike Adams

Thank you for reading and sharing.


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Quest For Wisdom

Dr. Tunsky:Me

We are very excited to now have Dr. Gary Tunsky, Naturopathic Physician and the Author of the best-selling book “The Battle for Health is over ph,” and the creator of the video series “What in the cell is going on?” as a part of our documentary film and as a regular guest on our live radio podcast we are bringing on-line presently.  Mr. Tunsky was also part of our deep past from the late 1980’s. The old school world gym on Richmond days, back in the Red Pepper restaurant times and two a day training sessions.  Although we did not know him personally at the time, he has recently brought up several names that we know very well.

Truly old school friends, but not real old!

He also worked with several of our closest training partners, top physique and strength athletes preparing for some of the largest shows in the world in the 1990’s.

His focus since then has changed somewhat although wellness and correct information is still his forte.  The video below was at a knowledge conference where some of the most unique individuals in the world gathered to deliver their messages.

He and his extremely informed wife are on the exact same mission we are on which is to empower every single person around us with accurate information regarding wellness and longevity.  To further collaborate and inform others on the absolute miracle that is the human body and mind.  Dr. Tunsky and his wife are some of the most informed people I have ever had the opportunity to speak with, read about, or learned from, and we look ahead to some more great talks in the future.  They both correctly realize that the path to enlightenment and vitality begins with proper human nutrition and they too know unbound awareness is impossible without it.

 It is synchronicity that has brought us together, because that in which you seek is also seeking you, to paraphrase Rumi.

Dr. Tunsky:Wife:Callie


We thank the Tunsky’s for their integral role in helping to shift the false paradigm that society has been subjected to over the course of the last several thousand years.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.10.48 PM

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  This was written in 1852 by Victor Hugo in a book titled History of a Crime which sums up the awakening, and the speed at which it is presently occurring very well.

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Notice: This is not medical advice or instructions and should not be construed as such.  Everything embedded within this site is for informational purposes only.  We do not treat, cure, or diagnose dis ease, commonly known as disease.  We strive to nutrify the human body and mind with proven super foods and wisdom.  As always please discuss your findings with your qualified health care provider.

Cellulite Solutions

  Cellulite is not a genetic malady or disorder. Image Credit~www.smh.com.au Cellulite is not a genetic problem. You do not have cellulite because your mother and grandmother have cellulite. The only thing that could possibly be hereditary with cellulite is … Continue reading

Eyes Wide Open


Of course Eyes Wide Open is the exact opposite assertion to that of Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut.

Stanley Kubrick and countless others have all left behind for us much foresight with their work for those looking


”Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Again the term ignorance being used by a person such as Goethe that has obtained his type of notoriety is surely not meant to be disrespectful to others. We know that the word ignorance is also synonymous with unaware, innocent, or as even being unfamiliar with something.

As he knew this as well.

Mental giants such as this do not need to chastise others to solidify their ascendency and the legacy they leave behind.

The answers are all around us waiting to be discovered, and what I have found is the closer we get to unabated wisdom our vision becomes even that much more detailed and clear as we approach.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.38.21 AM

Image Credit~ en.wikipedia.org

Our focus improves immensely and becomes exceptionally vivid, even luminous.

Study the obscure books because in fact terrible wars, and even worse, if there could be such a thing, have been started over them due to the messages they entail. Books once were cherished and adored for these reasons and many more such as revealing, and even being able to alter our future in this life and the one after.

Perhaps when more of us study them the further peace will rise and then welcomingly Reign.

People were labeled Wizards in the past for reading the books of others.

There is a higher dimensional plan that was set in motion long ago, and I, as many others feel if we do not become privy to the scheme, we are sure to fall prey to it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.41.58 AM

Image Credit~programs.omsi.edu

Extremely enlightened people such as Goethe constantly wrote and spoke of these things continuously.

Study the wise and realize how little you know as I have.

Our Future is Now and how beautiful it is to be alive and sensing every part of it.



December 2015

Deliver Kindness

Water Mountain

Image Credit~Flickr.com

Might we cherish this day rather than the left brained adage that implies we should seize it.

Like Sade and many others sing about.

Why is it do you suppose that all the left brained mottos take hold?

To seize implies taking, Cherishing or Embracing signifies Appreciation.

It is the right hemisphere, or side of the mind known to be the female aspect of our positions.

Right where we get our intuition from.

Might we all pay homage and respect to every being around us or that we are fortunate enough to interact with on this day we have yet again been honored with.

Chilly Ann UnhealthyChilly Ann Healthy

Ms. Chilly Ann Malek

Elevate all that surrounds.

We know that many illustrious beings deem exactly now as the time for all times. Even more, feel it is precisely now that the masses awaken and become conscious of reality, or fall prey to the false ones. More is said to be taking place in one year now, than in the past fifty combined. When you truly want to know what is and has been taking place, not history, (his/her story), acquaint yourself with empowering information that everyone ought be privy to.

As the Egyptian proverb profoundly asserts, “the kingdom of heaven is inside each and every one of us, ” and as many more are now discovering, the truth, or at least the search for it, sets us free.

“The future depends on what we do today.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

You can do anything you want to while being anything you want to be. Anything, and all things are possible with good souls around us, and the delicious truth on our side.

Deliver Kindness.

~Jessop Book

 November 2014



Greetings Champions

We are all Champions simply by making it this far.

Estimated launch of Jessopink.com will be Christmas Day, December 25th also known as the Winter Solstice.

For those of you that may like a bit more substance on your homepage in place of all the left brained, superfluous and laughably predictable manufactured material displayed on almost every site.

The ones that house free email being numero uno.

Soon we will be activating a Jessop Ink Facebook page also.

The Jessop Ink face-book page will be a tool for those seeking knowledge about the incredible world in which we live presently and what may become us next.

Because our story is indeed divine.

William Randolph Fiction

We will respectfully illustrate the difference between Jessopink.com and the rest while looking forward to showing people just what exactly they are absorbing from these seemingly innocuous landing pages, social media included.

Stories and material at Jessop Ink will prove to be compelling as well as fantastical.  The content and headlines will be entirely unique as the words in them, yet one ought to find very common threads amongst the works.

A sadly hidden history, and Great Human Beings that think alike but yet are so unique.

I do not have a team of writers handing me material and information as yet, nor a large budget, any budget at all for that matter.  A budget to do all the incredibly great things we want to do in our communities starting with cleaning up the water supply to our schools and hospitals, yet we are moving closer.  As we gain more traction and assistance we will also help build and create the most well respected animal shelter there ever has been.

Because it is all about the animals, or helping the defenseless.

Please do not take my word for it.

Gandhi Animals

Image Credit~ memecenter.com

An honorable animal shelter where solutions are taught, so the problems these shelters face today will cease to exist when the answers are implemented, instead of continuing to worsen because we here, concentrate on solution think.

What we do have however in the stead of a budget is teammates and good souls around us that have helped, and in ways allowed me to continue to work and proceed with studying.

I have continuously, from as far back as I can remember placed myself directly in the middle of greatness.  Blessed will be those whom will familiarize themselves thoroughly with the elusive messages delivered by our fellow human beings and the work left behind by our Great Ancestors.

Seek the absolute best when you want to know a thing.

The minds we have studied and continue to learn from are the most intelligently enlightened beings in the entire world.

Names that will be remembered for all time.

We are blessed to have close to 6,000 people this month visit our page.  We are in so many different countries now the entire map is colored blue and the list continues to grow daily, city by city, and county by county.

Seems we are resonating with more and more.

Country Blue List

Screen Shot Countries August 2015

  Jessop Ink will share a variety of information regarding numerous subjects, however the fundamental principle, or the entire essence of what we are is embedded in proper human nutrition.  This has always been, and will forever remain the primary focus as it must, because proper nourishment is the genesis of knowing.

Knowing anything really.

Nutrition and proper hydration has absolutely everything to do with how you feel, at all times and every moment.

We know without any question whatsoever, that what you ingest has an insurmountable amount of relationships as to that of the way you feel and the actions we then display.

Over 6000 people in a month.

Over 4000 views to jessopink.wordpress.com.

Jessop Ink has also been indexed by the future of search engines which we will announce shortly.

Wait until the marketing begins.

Worldwide with your assistance.

Thank you to all those who continue to share the information and not keeping it to oneself.

As Alan Watt kindly says,

“Where you go, may your God or Gods go with you.”

Jeesop Mug Author



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The Super Heavyweight of Molecules

The Super Heavyweight of Molecules L-Glutathione/Selenium/Sulfur L-Glutathione is the master molecule that should be present in our bodies and minds.  There have been over 75,000 research papers and medical articles published that have documented this precious antioxidant.  It is so … Continue reading

How Do You See It?

Nothing, not a thing is as it seems. When they are, well that would be then the secrets. When we become lucidly aware of our surroundings and a higher level of consciousness is reached you will no longer be preyed … Continue reading

Soul Music

Increase the volume and enjoy the way music sounded prior to the usurpation of all things evil which has seemingly now infected every last bit of the modern music industry.


Blessed are those that are able to still hear music like this on another beautiful day.

Always has our story been in the lyrics of good music.

Background Musical Numbers Wall Art Mural Music

It has been written that there are numbers encoded in our DNA and of course music is another form of numbers.

“Hold the secrets close I hear you say”.

“Is it honey. Is it gold?

4 minutes and 13 seconds of pure knowledge for those that will choose to discover a deeper meaning of his words and the depicted imagery.

It would be physically impossible to intently listen and read the words of the entire song and not feel moved by a higher power. I mean refreshing chill bumps and all.

Is it the subject matter?

The spirit in the songs of old?

Cuts You Up

“You know the way it goes about

It takes you in and spits you out

It spits you out when you desire

To Conquer It

To Feel You’re Higher

To Follow It you must be Clean”

~Peter Murphy

To feel your higher what?

Calling maybe?

We are right at the cusp of overturning the vile nature that has been endeavoring to dominate this world for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Perhaps even since the inception of what we know to be time itself.

The way we prevail is through applied wisdom and to call things exactly what the actions have proven.  Do parse words and seek reason all the while Living by the Golden Creed, which I feel is to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves.

We thank all the great men, women, and our families that have gone before us to show us the way, because it is for them we have a foundation to build upon.

Remembering The Names



On the Roman Calendar

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