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Michael Milken, founder of the Milken Institute as he introduces Dr. Peter Attia, explains how a panel of 200-300 perceived leading scientists in the mid 1990’s did not accept the fact that our health is determined by what we ingest.

Not only did they not accept it, they were known to completely disregard the notion.

Yes, what a strange idea, that nutrition has everything to do with our health.


One truly has to wonder most of the time if we are in some sort of strange dream, or live in Bizarro land, with everything so exactly upside down.

Completely reversed.

Peter makes several excellent points, sharing resounding intelligence for anyone patient enough and whom will listen close.  Perhaps the most important being, “maybe we have all the wrong advice from people, maybe we are missing something.”

This is coming from an MD., Ph. D., an engineer, athlete, and an accurately informed human being.  Perhaps what is of most importance to note is that even as intelligent as he is, he himself, is only recently realizing the effects of proper human nutrition as he affirms.

Dr. Peter Attia

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This man departed what would seemingly be a very nice career as a surgeon at John Hopkin’s hospital to pursue his bliss and go with what he knows, not what he had been cultivated to think.

“What we do in life echoes for an eternity”
-Marcus Aurelius

Cultivated, educated, or indoctrinated, all which are synonymous with brainwashing by a system that knows nothing of nutrition, at least what they “teach” anyway.

We look forward to speaking with Dr. Attia and asking him the questions that he deserves to be asked.

Unique questions, thoughtful ones that force engagement at higher levels and the kind that require complete comprehension about that which is being discussed.

Precise Human Nutrition is our shield and life force, it is our fuel and very essence, our beings.

The way we feel, the behaviours we display along with how well we think and even speak is determined by what we ingest, lest we not ever forget it.

Fuel oneself with live foods that are replete with light, clean fresh filtered water, and the vitamins and minerals we should be comprised of.  Blessings such as cell salts, herbs, plant based super foods like chlorella, and the citrus of lemons and limes along with so many more.

Fuel your light body because this is precisely what we are made of.


Each individual is perfectly unique, this is particularly important when it comes to our nutritional needs and requirements.  Seems logical then to replace what we are uniquely, and often-times uniformly deficient in.  This is very simple to ascertain, that we are all deficient in something because our soils are becoming rapidly depleted in these very life giving elements.  As we also see the declining emphasis, or value put on the need for filtered water, if any water whatsoever, specifically by our elderly and youth.

Almost as if by design.

Anyone and everyone, mattering not their level of present health, from olympic athletes to the elderly, are able to immediately improve their positions with proper nutrients and care.

“The pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything”. -Louis Pasteur reported deathbed comments.

Better late than not at all I guess.

 As many have suggested such as Gary Null, may we do only things that honor ourselves, respect others, and treat our miraculous bodies with the admiration they ought to be rewarded with.

Socrates Physical Training

 “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”  ~Thomas Edison





We are fully aware there are infinite levels of understanding when communicating about even the most basic information.  I want to make certain to clarify here that we realize that there are those who truly feel we do not require animal kingdom sterols known as cholesterol to have sustenance, or life, I am in fact one of them.  We realize, we as a people do not need to ingest animal products to sustain life or even thrive.  From what I have experienced it is the exact opposite actually, as the more conscious I become the less animal products I ingest.

The point however is to note that this would be a very small percentage whom are thinking like this.  The overall message would be that cholesterol is a healing substance that must come in some form and it is essential for life despite the tarnished term it has been branded.

Whether we ought to ingest meat, eggs, butter, plant or fish sources of this vital nutrient is excellent to debate and examine.  The sharpened point is that the human body as we now know it, requires cholesterol and healthy fats, and this is exactly opposite I would surmise as to what most all people think.

This is not medical advice and should not be construed as such.  We do not treat or cure any disease, nor is this instructions of any sort.  We believe in nutrifying the human organism with the proper energy sources along with accurate information, and the body and mind will then defy the ageing process.


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